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    Posluhdes a Determination to Overcome Food Speculators


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar criticised the food speculators who play the market price. The rise of speculators is very detrimental to communities and farmers, and even become one of the inflation causes.

    Speculators are very detrimental to the public because he took a high sales margin. As a result, the high food prices in the market was burdensome to the community.

    In fact, said Deddy, speculators buy food from farmers with the cheap prices. "The speculators get a profit without doing big efforts, and it's different to the farmer who works for months. So it's not fair of course," Deddy said after chairing a coordination meeting related village educator program at BAPPEDA office, Bandung, Friday (05/02/16).

    The presence of speculators also became the driving factor for the import policy. "Speculators has an impacts, where the imported rice was cheap," he said.

    Nevertheless, Deddy understand, it occurred because of the commercial system were not well managed with no accurate data related to the potential and availability of agricultural products.

    "It is because of debatable data that used. So it is not surprising that among ministries and agencies has a different perspective on import policy. We did not expect any other speculators talk about the import of this commodity. Since this information is not valid," he explained.

    Deddy further said, the absence of accurate data has resulted in an irregular pattern of farmers planting. During this time, farmers had been allowed to plant without any direction from the government.

    Therefore, the provincial government will establish Posluhdes to present farm data accurately in West Java. More of that, this Posluhdes was aimed of giving guidance to the farmers related to cropping patterns better.

    With irregular planting agricultural commodities is expected no more agricultural produce is wasted because of surplus stock. In addition, if there is any shortage of stock, it may soon be known so that it can take appropriate policy.

    "Farmers can be thought to determine the plants. If the extension workers said it should not planted tomatoes, farmers can plant to others commodities, such as chilli. So the prices at the farmers is stable as well as in the community," said Deddy.

    Head of West Java Capital Investment and Regional Promotion Agency (BPMPD) Dede Rusdia said that the presenting agriculture data accurately is becoming a powerful solution to overcome the whim of speculators.

    “The extension workers will guide and direct farmers in planting. Posluhdes will also determine which markets to distribute agricultural products in West Java,” said Dede.

    “We hope the basic food needs in each month will fulfil. Through the extension workers, we want this village keep on forward and success," he said.










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