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    Digitalization of Community Based Telecommunication Services


    BANDUNG-As an effort to expand the coverage of corporate-based cellular and community-based cellular services, Telkomsel Regional West Java managed to hold PW (Regional Board) Muhammadiyah West Java (Jabar) as one of the largest religious organizations in Indonesia.

    General Manager Sales Regional Jabar Telkomsel, Agustiyono said through this cooperation, Telkomsel presents various features of integrated cellular telecommunications services to provide convenience and convenience of communication access between members and administrators PW Muhammadiyah Jabar.

    In addition, Telkomsel's broadband and digital based services will also be encouraged to enhance the digital lifestyle adoption of members and administrators of PW Muhammadiyah Jabar

    "Corporate and community-based services that will be utilized by PW Muhammadiyah Jabar will be optimized in strengthening accessibility and comfort among members and administrators in establishing friendship or running the organization's operations," said Agustiyono told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (10/1/2018)

    Through this partnership, more than 3,000 members and managers of PW Muhammadiyah Jabar receive postpaid card benefits Telkomsel kartuHalo with affordable package and has been equipped with features of International Roaming services to facilitate members and administrators PW Muhammadiyah Jabar when planning to perform Umroh and Haj pilgrimage.

    Agustiyono also invites PW Muhammadiyah Jabar members to participate in developing their entrepreneurship potential by becoming reseller partner of Telkomsel product by doing business of selling pulse packet, data quota, and various other Telkomsel service products including becoming reseller for activation of International Roaming Telkomsel service for Muhammadiyah organization community.

    "Telkomsel will hold the Muhammadiyah Economic Assembly as a reseller and channel partner of Telkomsel's product and service sales," he concluded (MAT)

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