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    Tb.Hasanuddin-Anton Charliyan, Last Registrar of the West Java Governor 2018


    BANDUNG-Tb.Hasanuddin and Anton Charliyan who carried DPD PDI Perjuangan Jabar be the last bomalon register at Pilgub 2018, to KPU Jabar, Jl. Garut Bandung, Wednesday afternoon at 15:30 WIB.Papas receipt was greeted air-conditioned room, stepped down, and tetabuhan traditional music.

    Chairman of West Java KPU Yayat Hidayat said, called last because mathematically no more political parties that can nominate for the governor of West Java.

    Yayat, accompanied by four other commissioners, said it was too expensive if the Jabar Pilgub was touted as a political process because it was a good place for democratic learning.

    "Moreover, many political figures in West Java who can be a role model," said Yayat.

    He asserted that election in other areas had been a conflict even to the arrows in the election, but the elections in West Java should be happy. In addition, in celebration of five-year democracy party should be enjoyed not only by the people of West Java but all levels of society in Indonesia.

    "Pilgub Jabar should also be enjoyed by everyone," said Yayat.

    After going through a brief inspection process, the bidding file Tb. Hasanuddin-Anton Charliyan who carried PDIP (20 seats) declared complete at exactly 16:20.

    "After going through the examination process, Basslon TB Hasanuddin-Anton stated complete," he concluded (MAT)

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