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    Sudrajat-Saikhu Register to West Java General Election Commision


    BANDUNG-Will the candidate pair (Baphlon) Sudrajat-Ahmad Saikhu register at the Election Commission (KPU) West Java, Wednesday 10 January 2018, Jl.Garut No. 11 Bandung, Wednesday at exactly 13:30 pm.

    They were accompanied by the organizer of the political party, Gerindra (11 seats) PKS (12 seats), and PAN (4 seats). Baplon and entourage are also greeted by traditional art of Lengser and Mayang dance, similar to the admission of two previous candidates.

    In the acceptance speech, Chairman of West Java KPU who was accompanied by four other commissioners stated that the implementation of Pigub Jabar 2018 prioritizes the positive values ??of Pasundan land cultural roots.

    "This process is expected to be an example for the Indonesian nation and the citizens of the world," Yayat said.

    According to Yayat, Pilgub Jabar should be interesting and enaK watched, like a football match teams
    Barcelona against Real Madrid.

    "This is in accordance with the theme of Pilgub Jabar 2018 as a means of educating democracy and political tourism rides," he concluded.

    After checking the candidacy file for 5 minutes, at 14.15 pm, Sudrajat-Ahmad Saikhu's basslet file is declared complete. (MAT

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