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    West Java Provincial Government Commitment to Build Gedebage Area


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government continues to do development in the area of ??East Bandung. After the Bandung Stadium of Fire and the construction of Al Jabbar Mosque, now proclaimed the construction of roads and roundabouts in the region. This is a commitment of West Java Provincial Government for the development of East Bandung as an area of ??education, tourism, as well as flood control with the construction of Al Jabbar Mosque

    On Wednesday (10/1/2018) Governor Ahmad Heryawan proclaimed East Bandung area as an independent area by building a roundabout way connecting gedebage toll gate KM 149 Padaleunyi, access to Masjid Raya West Java Al Jabbar, access to Sport Facility Bandung Lautan Api, and South Gedebage Road.

    Also the construction of a connecting road from the roundabout to Jalan Gedebage Selatan, construction of frontage entrance gedebage toll road Km 149 Padaleunyi connecting to the roundabout, construction of ramp gedebage toll road Km 149 Padaleunyi connecting to the frontage of gedebage toll gate. In addition, the construction of part of Bandung Intra Urban Tol Road flyover (BIUTR) as a continuation of BIUTR road that has been built.

     "It's all built to improve the movement of people and goods and the service sector so that people can be more benefited," said Governor Ahmad Heryawan told the Jabar Public Relations Team.

    Infrastructure on land area of ??48,912 square meters is owned by the West Java Provincial Government and built by PT Mahkota Permata Perdana (Summarecon). This becomes a new pattern of infrastructure development implemented by local government in cooperation with the private sector.

     "We are very grateful that on this day has been done signing of cooperation between Summarecon Bandung with West Java Provincial Government. Thus, infrastructure in the form of roads that have been Summarecon and West Java Provincial Government to plan together since 2015 can be implemented immediately, "said President Director of Summarecon, Adrianto P. Adhi.

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