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    West Java Provincial Government Continues to Restore Condition of Citarum River


    BANDUNG-Provincial Government (Pemprov) West Java has and will continue to work very seriously to restore the condition of the Citarum river, but all these efforts have not been able to improve water quality in the Citarum River significantly.

    Head of Environmental Office (DLH) West Java Province Anang Sudarna explained still needed more synergy and big strategy and big work of Central Government, Province and District Town to sit together to overcome National Strategic River as stated Presidential Decree Number 12 Year 20012 which set Citarum River is a National Strategic River.

    "Because the status of the Citarum River is a strategic river of the National, the authority of its management is in the Central Government whose daily operations are under the BBWS Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing," said Anang to reporters in Bandung, Monday (8/1/2018)

    Therefore, although it has not given maximum result, the effort that has been done by West Java Provincial Government and support of community participation through mutual cooperation for the last 4 years, need to know by society and need to get appreciation and should be encouraged to be improved.

    One of the efforts to restore the condition of the Citarum River is the River Patrol activity involving communities and communities in monitoring the water pollution at each point of 7 monitoring zones involving more than 28 people,

    "This year follow-up patrol result by PPLH Team of West Java Province as much as 61 industries have been carried out supervision and action," said Anang

    Furthermore, in order to encourage the improvement of business activity / industrial activity in the management of the environment, the performance evaluation of the business environment and / or regional activities (PROPERDA) is evaluated. Considering the coaching and supervision efforts conducted by Reminder Program (PROPER Nasional) the number is very limited, then starting 2015 done PROPERDA. PROPERDA assessment methods, mechanisms and criteria refer to National PROPER, but PROPERDA objects are not overlapping with National PROPER objects.

    This activity is an application of an integrated and comprehensive monitoring mechanism involving technical agencies of West Java Province and accredited laboratories. Through PROPERDA activities will be able to extend the range of object supervision comprehensively. From the results of activities that have been carried out, the level of compliance and compliance of business actors / activities to environmental legislation is significant.

    This is marked by an increase in business / activity performance rating from year to year with an average increase of 15%. Meanwhile, the increased compliance with environmental laws and regulations is about 75%.

    "But the number of industries that can be built through PROPER and PROPERDA is still very small (15%) of the total number of industries in West Java, especially in the Citarum watershed," said Anang

    With regard to the statement of the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan at the declaration of Citarum Movement BESTARI on June 22, 2014, that in 2018 the water can be Drinking Citarum River. Anang said his side interpreted the statement as an expression of a leader who is responsible for solving the problems faced by some people of West Java, namely reducing the level of pollution and environmental damage in the Citarum river, as a source of life and to support sustainable development in West Java and nationally. The statement is not interpreted literally.

    "We mean the statement as a source of inspiration and work motivation for the related WTO Heads and all stakeholders, because if literally interpreted, the water in Citarum in the present Citarum upstream (Situ Cisanti) can now be drunk. flowing from upstream in Situ Cisanti and upstream of other creeks in the mountains surrounding Bandung Raya, to Muara Bendera in Karawang regency, "explained Anang

    He asserted when speaking of the recovery efforts or restoration of the river, no country in the world is able to restore the environmental health of the water that is in the river in less than 5 five years.
    For example, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and the Skandinapia countries, have successfully restored the state of the river in their country over a period of 20 years or more. These countries with enormous powers and budgets, as needed. Most importantly, whether the statement continues to be developed and become the right programs and activities and implemented to realize the statement (BESTARI).

    "In that context, we declare that the Bestari Citarum Movement implemented as an implementation to realize a clean, healthy, beautiful and sustainable Citarum, does not fail, so it must be continued, with some more massive improvements and execution, as can be seen from the parameters and measurable and transparent performance indicators, "said AnangAdanya even the attention of the order from the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Coordinating Minister of Marine Affairs and Commander of Regional Military Command III / Slw to handle the recovery of Citarum watershed is very positive. It is not apart from the communication results of the Governor of West Java with the President, Vice President Coordinating Minister and Commander in various occasions. Because the Government of West Java Province realized that considering the status of the river as a strategic river of the National, and the limitations of West Java's budget, it is necessary commitment of the Government. "Of course there is someone who asks that the new President is now only in the hands of the President, but for us, as a government apparatus in the field of the environment, it is never too late to do a good job for society and sustainability" he concluded (MAT)

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