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    Provincial Government of West Java Seriously Handles Citarum Issues


    BANDUNG-Responding to the news of Kompas on Friday, January 5, 2018, page 1 titled "Target Citarum 2018 Failed", Head of Environmental Office (DLH) West Java Province Anang Sudarna said the news is not proportional and nullify gait and activities carried out by Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java, with the support of all stakeholders, including support from Kodam III / Siliwangi, since 2016, so that public opinion was formed as West Java Provincial Government did not do anything.

    Anang asserted, to provide complete information to the community related to efforts made by the West Java Provincial Government, related to the status of the river Citarum. The public needs to understand correctly, in accordance with the laws and regulations on the status of the Citarum river.

    "This is important because it is related to the matter of authority in the implementation of general duties of government and development, because when the Pemprov undertakes an activity, although the aim is good for the life of the community, but still considered to be wrong by law," said Anang to reporters in Bandung, Monday / 1/2018)

    Based on Presidential Decree No. 12/2012, Citarum River is a strategic river of National, the management of water resources in Citarum river with all implication is the authority of Central Government, whose daily operation is under BBWS Citarum, ie UPT Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing.

    Furthermore, the Upper Citarum Watershed Citarum which is a state forest area, in the form of protected forest and production forest managed by Perum Perhutani and conservation forest is managed by Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA), namely UPT LHK Ministry. Meanwhile, other state lands are also managed by state-owned enterprises (PT Perkebunan Nusantara VIII) and BUMS (PT Perkebunan Besar Swasta).

    The authority of licensing, guidance, supervision, guidance and control of the implementation of the duties of BBKSDA and Perum Perhutani is technically the authority of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Ministry of SOEs for Perum Perhutani and the Ministry of Agriculture for PTPN VII and BUMS (Large Private Plantation).

    "The news is partial and tendentious because it does not mention the role of the central government and fully highlights the role of West Java Provincial Government, which actually refers to Presidential Decree No. 12 of 2012 and Permen PU No.11A Year 2006, precisely the Provincial Government does not have adequate authority," said Anang.

    In addition, the utilization of Water Resources in Citarum River Basin (DAS) so far is used as primary energy source 3 PLTA namely Saguling, Cirata and Jati luhun produce 2,000 MW of electricity, which is a buffer of the stability of interconnection power Java, Madura and Bali.

    Citarum is also a source of raw water for drinking water 80% of PDAM Jaya (6%), irrigation (86.70%), urban water source (0.370%) and suppliers of water for household and industry activities (2%).

    "The news is subjective and lame, because it reduces the contribution of the Citarum River that is recognized by the parties of better quality water than other rivers, as recognized by PAM Jaya and PAM Lyonnaise (in minimal portion) in the publication.

    The utilization of Citarum water resources for PDAM Jaya water supply, hydropower and water supply for the activities of thousands of industries along the Citarum watershed generates State and DKI Jakarta revenues trillions of rupiah each year. Meanwhile, in the context of utilization of Citarum's water resources for agricultural activities, rice-watered fields from the Citarum river of 420,000 Ha are National rice granaries, contributing to the national food supply of 6.5 million tons / year or nearly 9% of food production National or equivalent more Rp. 35 trillion / year.

    In this case, West Java does not get revenues from the utilization of water resources for PAM Jaya, industry and electricity whose profits are of course very large, whether through export taxes of industries, hotels, luxury housing, and others

    "In the absence of income for West Java, of course the people of West Java feel treated unfairly and we must sue over the rights of the people of West Java," he concluded (MAT)

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