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    West Java Secure from Zika Virus


    BANDUNG-Several national media in recent days have reported the spread of ZIka virus which is happening in Latin America, especially in Brazil and Colombia.

    Transmission of the virus is similar with the dengue virus by Aedes Aegypti mosquito bites that causes the dengue hemorrhagic fever (DBD).

    Symptoms of the Zika virus begins where the patient will feel a sudden fever, headache, weakness, redness of the skin body, back and legs, then muscle pain. Moreover, the patient's eyes will become red because of an inflammation of the conjunctiva.

    But according to the West Java Health Department Head, Alma Luchyati explained that public should not to worry in this condition, because these virus still does not exist in West Java.

    "In Indonesia and West Java in particular, we have not found cases diagnosed by Zika virus," she said.

    Even so, the public should be wary against the spread of the virus by performing hygienic behaviour and conduct anticipatory measures such as dengue cases.

    “Clean up the water storage tanks continuously, give abate powder in the water shelters, grave bottles or cans that can hold water up to become mosquito breeding," she said.




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