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    When Two Wives of Governor Chat Sharing Leads Organization


    BANDUNG- "Being an organization leader is not easy,". The sentence was slid from the mouth of Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan when talking with the wife of the Governor of Jakarta Capital Special Region (DKI), Fery Farhati Anies Baswedan at the House of Governor of DKI Jakarta Jl. Taman Suropati 75, Menteng, Central Jakarta on Thursday (04/01/18) ago. At that time Netty met Fery to share tips organize or perform other duties as wife of the governor. Understandably, Netty has ten (10) years or two periods accompany Ahmad Heryawan build West Java.

    Netty's visit, who is also Chairman of the PKK Team of West Java Province, became an encouragement for Fery Anies Bawedan, who is new in corn age who served as the Head of PKK Team of DKI Province. Both as governor's wives are not only ex officio to be the Chair of the Family Welfare Empowerment Team (PKK), but also the Chairman of the Provincial Regional Crafts Council (Dekranasda) Province, as well as several positions or social offices, such as the Early Childhood Development Mother (Bunda Pengembangan Kiajahteraan Dini PAUD), advisor to Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP), and others.

    The atmosphere of the hearing is so warm, Netty compares the conditions of leadership in West Java to the current DKI. "If you say the situation is currently upside down, I'm 'cleaning up' preparing to 'leave' West Java, while Mrs. Fery 'cleaned up' to get to know DKI," said Netty reciprocated with laughter participants. The meeting was a place for the two neighboring governors' wives to pour out their hearts about grief to be the Regional Head's Wife.

    "The challenge that I faced when I first became Chairman of the PKK is how to map existing human resources in order to work together and succeed my program. Similarly in Dekranasda. I need people who are passionate, energetic, and at the same time open-minded. Therefore, I changed the stewardship composition. We must dare to sacrifice something for a better work program. Yes the risk may be that I do not like me, "said Netty said his tips organize.

    According to Netty, when he became the wife of the head of the region all eyes were on him. "This is a gamble because the husband's tenure is only five years, at best two periods, ten years. So, my commitment is how to create change. I want to leave a good impression for society when I leave the organization and West Java, "he added.

    Fery is very enthusiastic about listening to Netty's story. In fact he thinks that Netty deserve to be an example because it has been proven with various achievements and awards that have been achieved. Netty also shared his experience and explained how he formulated a work program in the organization he led.

    "Today I feel lucky, I should have come to Bandung to visit Mrs. Netty. It's even I who visited, "said Fery.

    Ferry admitted, he still groped in the organization. "I need tips and tips to optimize my role, especially since I know Mrs. Netty is very active in women's empowerment activities, child protection, violence handling and picking up trafficking victims.This is a very important moment because I can share my experience with Mrs. Netty, "He continued.

    Responding to how Netty about the organization, Fery admitted admiringly. He felt very inspired to be more courageous to direct its members in order to succeed the work program of the organization. In the dialogue, Netty also added the importance of a breakthrough program that can provide solutions to problems, and do not forget to build a solid network and solid with various components of society.

    "Alhamdulillah, thank you Mrs. Netty, very inspiring. During this time I was so confined by the existing program and the previous board. From the story of Ms Netty I must dare to direct and can move the work program I mean. Including his suggestions to form a review team that will provide input on family resilience, care, prevention of violence, and child protection, and attention to elderly and people with social welfare problems, "he said.

    In the dialogue, the audience was also present as the Chairman of the Indonesian Women's Political Caucus (KPPI), Dwi Septiawati, the PKS Women's Party who used to be Anies-Sandi, and Ustadzah Athifah Hasan, Lc and the entourage.

    "Insha Allah while walking I will learn to see the situation. The key, which I underline from Mrs. Netty is that we must fill the gap that is not handled by the Governor through the role and authority given. In the future I will also pay more attention to women, elderly (senior citizens), and children, "closed Fery. At the end of the meeting, Netty gave a book about the P2TP2A West Java" Struggle Against Violence against Women and Children "and a number of superior products of West Java as a souvenir in the form of Tasikmalaya embroidery bag, Garut fur woven cloth, and wooden card of business cards to Fery. In return, the wife of Jakarta governor also provides wallet cloth batik cloth and coasters. This souvenir exchange ended the meeting as well as the beginning of cooperation between two neighboring provincial governor wives, DKI Jakarta and West Java.

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