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    West Java Cooperate with Rumah Zakat Peduli Rohingya Phase II Distributed


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government distributes Jabar Peduli Rohingya Phase II worth Rp1 M from voluntary donations from ASN West Java Provincial Government, Bank bjb employees and the general public through Rumah Zakat.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) had the opportunity to hand over the rocks symbolically, after the dawn prayer mat in a routine ASN West Java provincial government on Monday (8/1/18).

    "Alhamdulillah dawn praying movement in congregation in the mosque has been running regularly among ASN Provincial Government of West Java, may be a means of improving the faith and social piety of the country servants. Praying shubuh this morning more meaningful with the handover of assistance Jabar Peduli Rohingya Phase II worth Rp1 M, hope barokah, "said Aher.

    Aher said, as long as the Rohingyas are still displaced, the problem is not yet over. "As a helpless citizen then their needs must be met through a helping hand of all parties capable, for that Jabar Peduli Rohingya program continues to be rolled out. I on behalf of the people of West Java continue to support the Citizen Rohingya who are currently fighting for recognition of their citizenship status, "he said.
    To help the needy people, Aher asked Jabar Peduli account to continue. West Java care both in the country and abroad need to continue to grow. As has been shown when helping some areas, such as the grief of people affected Pidi Aceh earthquake and people affected by banjir bandang in the city of Bima NTB. On behalf of the people of West Java, Aher at the time entrusted assistance of Rp4 M for Pidi and Rp3 M for the city of Bima.

    Referring to reports Rumah Zakat, Jabar Care Rohingya Phase I of Rp2, 1 M, has been successfully distributed to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh some time ago. The aid is mostly enjoyed by refugees in the form of clothing, food, and water sanitation. Even with WHO, Jabar Peduli's assistance has become an important part in the establishment of 100 refugee shelters, equipped with citizen service facilities including the provision of medical personnel in the form of doctors and nurses.

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