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    Aher Officially Launches Al-Istiqomah Islamic Boarding School Tasikmalaya


    TASIKMALAYA REGENCY-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan inaugurated the building of dormitory and classroom in pesantren Al-Istiqomah Kampung Sukaratu Salawu Tasikmalaya Regency, Monday (8/1). Last year, the pesantren received grant aid from West Java Province amounting to Rp 400 million.

    "I do not think there is a pesantren in this legok (valley) area, there is life, and when I came here I asked the adjutant what is right this place, it is true," said Aher greeted by laughter.

    Aher claimed to be proud in a relatively remote area, there are educational institutions boarding schools from the level of RA to Aliah.

    "I should be proud and grateful to the presence of pesantren educational institutions that prepare the generation of religion for our future" he said.

    Al-Istiqomah Pesantren itself educates about 250 students from the level of RA (TK) to Aliah (SMA). Pesantren Pimpinana KH Aep Saepulloh managed to utilize grant aid from the Provincial for the construction of 3-storey building, which is used for classroom, cottage and also various skills training. (Even)

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