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    Netty: Pornographic Regulation Must be Juridical and Initiative


    BANDUNG-So far this DPRD Jabar is brewing Local Regulation (Perda) pornography. In response, Head of Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) West Java Province, Netty Prastyani Heryawan said Pornography law should be Juridical (enforced) and Implementative (Implemented). This means that the law should be suppressed by the legal process and can be implemented by the community because the law is binding.

    "Unlike the Gubernatorial Regulation (Pergub) which only binds in the provincial government while the local regulation binds all components of society," said Netty told reporters in Pakuan State building, Bandung, Saturday (6/1/2018)

    Netty said, with the Regional Regulation Pornography will definitely refer to the Law No. 44 of 2008 on pornography. So that must be equipped how to translate the Law of pornography in the context of the present and the origin in West Java.

    According to Netty, making the regulation is not just like a talkative but the law should get legal justification. "It means that the law should be implemented," Netty said.

    Furthermore, the local regulation should also lift the cultural root of the society so that if only to transfer some articles into the local regulation is not yet lexspesialist. This means that the law should be able to protect the people of West Java with various aspects of demography, biography and social culturalnya.

    "So it must really be tied the components of society not limited to normative written and legalized into a local regulation but then baseball bertaring to protect the public from various pornographic content," he concluded. (MAT)

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