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    Aher Invites Imam of Masjidil Haram Participate to Edify in West Java


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan visited imam and leaders of proselytising institutions in Saudi Arabia after the umrah, to promote West Java.

    They were encountered including the Imam Sheikh Faisal Jamil Ghazzawi from Masjidil Haram, Chairman of the Muslim World League Sheikh Khalid Al Hamudi Islami, and the leaders of religious outreach (dakwah) institutions in Saudi Arabia.

    Based on the report from Bayu Umbara, Aher ajudan, the meeting with Sheikh Faisal Jamil Ghazzawi and Sheikh Khalid Al Hamudi held in Qu'atu Diyala (Diyala Meetinghouse), Rushaifah District, Mecca, on Monday (1/2) at 21:00 local time.

    It thus revealed in the release issued by the West Java Regional Secretariat of Public Relations on Thursday (4/2).

    According to the West Java Public Relations, in the occasion was also attended by a number of businessmen and social activists. Aher expressed his happiness to meet them. “I'm happy to meet with Sheikhs and preachers in Saudi Arabia. It is such a blessing from this umrah trip," he said while giving a speech.

    Aher also promoted West Java, where the government stands to multiply its virtues, particularly in building a well-educated generation.

    "If generations are not educated, it is close to the poverty, underdevelopment, and lost of faith, so that the education programs should be continued echoed in West Java. The virtue space is still open, so I invite you to participate in promoting the educational development in West Java west,” he said.

    Aher then expressed his appreciation to the sheikh who continues to broadcast the dakwah to various parts of the world, both in Asia and Africa.

    The meeting continued by two sheikhs speech, and ends with the provision of souvenirs from the Holy Mosque Imam Sheikh Faisal Jamil Ghazzawi to Aher.
    Furthermore, on Tuesday (2/2), Aher were specifically invited to the Assalamualaika ya Ayyuhannabi Museum which is not yet open to the public. This museum was introduced Nabi Muhammad SAW closer, starting from his treatise, his teachings, personalities, until the environment of his house at that time.

    West Java Governor then continued met with the Maktab Da'wah, an organisation composed of leaders of institutions preaching in Mecca. Aher then shared his experience in implementing the government (especially in education) in West Java. Aher also took time to stay in touch with Indonesian students who study there that mostly from West Java.

    "The Governor directed the students to continue to work hard and he declared that the provincial government is ready to facilitate the students to study in the higher level by giving the Governor’s recommendation to the relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia," said Bayu Umbara.






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