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    Netty Heryawan Asks People Not to Spread Video of Child Abuse


    BANDUNG-Chairperson of Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) West Java Province, Netty Prastyani Heryawan appealed to the public to have a high awareness by promoting ethics and character in building our community by not participating in spreading child sexual abuse videos that now become viral in social media. In addition, he appealed to the parents to always keep good children.

    "I am afraid that this condition will be a stimulus for people who have social aberrations to be more brave to openly show their identity as perpetrators of sexual deviation," Netty told reporters at Pakuan State Building, Bandung, Saturday (6/1/2018)

    The wife of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan confirms however that such action is considered a sexual perversion when an adult impose a coercion on minors violates the law imposed under section 76 d of Law No. 35 of 2014.

    Netty rate the action is not giving examples and exemplary as an adult, especially the perpetrators of women who intuitively should protect children not harm and exploit such immoral actions.

    "Of course I deeply regret that there is a woman without a conscience capable of doing such abominable things," said Netty.

    He revealed, as a woman and a mother would oppose and condemn such immoral action. Therefore do not want for the public to disseminate pornographic videos because this incident is an unforgivable moral defect.

    "When a woman commits an act of harassment to minors then the community who owns the video participate disseminate it can be spelled out a crime that can not be tolerated," he concluded. (MAT)

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