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    Netty Heryawan Condemns The Circulation of Child Abuse Porn Videos


    BANDUNG-Chairperson of Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) West Java Province condemned the circulation of pornographic videos in social media which contains content of immoral acts against minors who became victims of action pornography action.

    Chairman of P2TP2A Jabar, Netty Prastyani Heryawan said it will find the perpetrators to reveal who the pornographic video maker is including the location of its manufacture.

    P2TP2A Jabar will provide advocacy handling to children who become victims of immorality if their identity has been found by West Java Police.

    "It is of course the authority of the police, we will protect the victim's children in the video," Netty told reporters at Pakuan State Building, Bandung, Saturday (6/1/2018)

    Netty said, it will refer to the minimum service standards (SPM) that has been regulated by the Minister of Women Empowerment and Women No. 1 of 2010.

    "It is certain that underage children who become victims will experience trauma so we have to recover," said Netty

    Furthermore, the wife of the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan also appealed to the public, especially the parents and family should be able to perform the supervision of his sons and daughters who now live in the era of globalization with technological advances.

    Of course these conditions become one of the threats for generations that had not known pornographic content to know and know because it is easy to access sites that smell of pornographic content.

    He also appealed to the public not to disseminate or verbalize the video so as to expand the spectrum of destructive impressions, especially psychiatric minors and generally to the public.

    "We hope with the existing ITE Act and pornography law and child protection, the police can reveal and advocate the legal process," he concluded (MAT)

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