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    Governor Ensures Halal Diphtheria Vaccine


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan appealed to the people of West Java to not hesitate to get diphtheria vaccine given by health workers to parents and their children, especially in terms of materials used to make the vaccine.

    "There is no doubt, if there is any doubt then I say do not hesitate because it is guaranteed and have a halal certificate from MUI," said Governor, after injection diphtheria vaccine at State Building Pakuan, Bandung, Saturday (06/01).

    Therefore, the Governor invites all West Java community to bring their children to health care places and to immunize their children with diphtheria vaccine to avoid diphtheria disease.

    "I appeal to the people of West Java, especially those with toddlers up to the age of 18 years, to be immunized against diphtheria in Puskesmas and other places of health services," he said.

    The governor expects, by giving free diphtheria vaccine in health care centers to the public it can prevent the spread of the disease becoming wider and show the presence of the state in protecting its citizens.

    "West Java people not to worry about being immunized, especially diphtheria is done to prevent the occurrence of transmission of the disease," he said. (Parno)

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