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    Beginning 2018, West Java will Realize Large-scale Development Program


    BANDUNG-Beginning in 2018, the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java wants to realize some major programs such as the continued process of Ciletuh development that has not been completed because the area is very wide. Then, the completion of the initial stage of construction of Kertajati Airport, the construction of Bocimi Toll including the smoothness of education, health and agriculture programs.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan stated that specifically he urged all parties to support the smoothness of Citarum Harum development program.

    "In particular I would like to ask the support of all parties for the smoothness of Citarum Harum program," said Ahmad Heryawan to reporters at the building yard Sate Bandung, Friday night (5/1/2018)

    As a continuation of some other programs of course Citarum Harum program has a big challenge but we should not give up. One of the efforts done by building a new culture that is by respecting the water means that no one pollutes the water so that the future requires massive socialization.

    "It is necessary to arrange the houses that are in the area of ??Citarum River Basin (DAS)," said the Governor of West Java.

    So far still found the general public and agribusiness actors that produce household waste including industrial waste mencemaru Citarum watershed.

    "I think it should start at least the community should start by knowing that throwing garbage into a river is a wrong act," said Ahmad Heryawan.

    Kang Aher greeting Governor of West Java explains, Provincial in mengendakan Citarum Harum apply the concept No ie not cutting trees in the upstream, do not dispose of livestock waste but must be utilized as bio energy and compost, do not throw out the household limbs unless already ditreatment, do not throw into the river , and for industrialists not to dispose industrial waste into the river.

    "If all parties agree not to pollute the river at all then we have a new culture of respecting the river so that it remains clean from upstream to downstream," he concluded (MAT)

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