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    Aher Submits DPA 2018, Absorption of West Java's Highest Budget in Indonesia


    BANDUNG-Provincial Government (Pemprov) West Java recorded the budget absorption in 2017 increased by 95.77 percent when compared with 2016 reached 93.90 percent. This figure places West Java as the province with the highest disbursement in Indonesia.

    "If in 2016 we are declared the highest budget absorption then in 2017 insha Allah West Java Province will occupy the same position," said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) in his speech at the Event Delivery Event Document Budget (DPA) 2018 on the building page Sate Bandung, Friday (5/1/2018)

    The Governor of West Java said the budget absorption is not only the highest in Indonesia alone but a quality budget absorption so it can be said that West Java has an effective development program, targeted and efficient.

    The absorption of this Budget greatly affects the economic growth in West Java although in economic calculations sustained by state expenditure including regional spending maximum of 15 percent which is the largest number.

    "This is the largest shopping group in our country including in any country," said Aher.

    He said this in macro economy is an important factor in economic growth or in spending expenditure that describes the economic growth of West Java such as consumption, import and export investment and state expenditure.

    "Because of being a determining factor then this state expenditure should be well laid out on time and target so as to encourage the economy which is marked by the growth of employment and of course the income of the community has increased," he explained.

    Governor appealed, in order to make this country as the best spending, then DPA is prepared by the organization of regional devices (OPD), which previously coordinated with the West Java DPRD. But when each OPD determines the DPA then it is a pure interpretation without any intervention from anyone.

    "I ask all OPDs including their leaders to continue to provide guidance, supervision and review of various types of shopping details," Aher added.

    He asserted, every cost used from the budget should be beneficial to the community and there is no deviation. In the event of a deviation, the violation will not be profitable at all.

    "We are often trapped by worldly temptations and visible even as if this is an advantage, whereas in the mirror this is an aberration despite being wrapped by good administration," he concluded. (MAT)

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