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    Government Will Press Poverty To 10 Percent


    BANDUNG-The government targets the poverty rate in the RAPBN 2018 of 9.5-10 percent or down from 2017 set at 10.5 percent.

    Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa said, in 2017, the Ministry of Social Affairs has made a social assistance revolution by turning the cash system into non-cash through cooperation with the Association of state banks.

    "Well in 2018, we believe the expansion of non-cash subsidized grantees from 6 million to 10 million beneficiary families can further reduce poverty and gini ratio," said Social Minister in his official statement in Bandung on Thursday (4/1/2018)

    The expansion of PKH and BPNT is scheduled to start in February 2018. The expansion of BPNT to 10 million is divided into four stages: January-February, April-May, July-August, and October-November. Each adds 2.5 million KPM at each stage. Every month KPM will receive Rp110.000 which can be exchanged for rice and eggs.

    "In the early stages, the expansion of BPNT was carried out in 29 districts / municipalities, currently running in 44 cities with target of 2,660,989 KPM targeted in October 2018 reaching 10 million KPM," explained Khofifah.

    Meanwhile, Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics Suhariyanto explained there are several main factors that affect the decline in poverty levels in Indonesia.

    One of them is the government assistance program, in the form of rice for the people of prosperity (rastra) and Family Hope Program (PKH) which has a positive impact on reducing the number of poor people.

    "PKH also contributes greatly to reducing poverty. Hence, we are also very supportive if the recipient PKH is improved again in the next year, "said Suhariyanto.

    Meanwhile, Director General of Social Protection and Social Security of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Harry Hikmat said the implementation of PKH continues to improve from the target and realization. This can be seen from PKK's PKS budget realization from 2014 to 2017 which averaged above 99 percent.

    "Hard work of all parties who help succeed the implementation of PKH will certainly produce maximum results to reduce poverty and gini ratio", said Harry.

    He added that in 2018, the government has set a target of 10 million KPM PKH target. The target, to be a whistle for the Ministry of Social Affairs to provide services that are more leverage and wide to all KPM.

    "Various preparations have been made, in addition to the acceleration of ATM card printing as well as Human Resource Recruitment (HR) implementing PKH has been done at the end of 2017 and they have started working as of January 1, 2018" he concluded (MAT)

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