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    Kertajati Airport is Ready to Serve Hajj 2018


    BANDUNG-Director of the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) Bintang Hidayat states, West Java International Airport (BIJB), in District Kertajati, Majalengka Regency, it is possible to serve pilgrims pilgrim flight in June 2018. Overall development of the airport both from the side of land and air has entered the final stage.

    It was conveyed Bintang on the sidelines of direct visits to Kertajati Airport, on Friday January 5, 2018 afternoon. During the visit, Bintang was accompanied by Assistant for Economy and Development Eddy Nasution, Head of Bureau of Economic Investment and BUMD West Java Provincial Government Muhammad Arifin Soedjayana, Head of Department of Transportation Dedi Taufik, and Director of PT BIJB Vida Dimas Ekaputra and board of directors.

    "For Hajj, in this time of year it can be done," said Bintang.

    It's just that in his working visit, he saw the airport area of ??1800 Ha it needs to extend the runway to 3000 meters with a width of 60 meters. Currently, the runway which is included in the construction of the air side is the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) only realized 2,500 meters. The other components to assist pilots in carrying out aircraft landing procedures at the airport can already be met.

    "I am an inspection to runway that has been completed entirely like a lamp and all its kind with a length of 2500 x 60 meters.Then there is a taxi way and apron which also has been completed," he said.

    He said if Kertajati Airport wants to serve Hajj this year there is still time that can be pursued to extend the runway to 3,000 meters. The extension to him was not so difficult because the required 500 meters of land had been freed.

    "BIJB for haj pilgrimage would have to extend the runway along the 500 meters.In this time of year can be done (haj flight service), it only takes four months to be able to do (runway extension) This is just who will extend Kemenhub, AP ( Angkasa Pura) or from the state budget, but the point is to pursue this hajj time. "The land is also really ready," he added.

    Construction of the land side, he added, is no doubt. Stars who see the passenger terminal area believe that the work can be completed early this year. Just to note, the construction of the terminal into the land side, until December 31, 2017 this progress has reached 85 percent.

    Development for the land side where PT BIJB became the executor of this development, divided into three packages of workmanship. Package one is worked on PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk. including infrastructure work in the form of ramps interchanges, roads, drainage, and landscaping has been completed 100 percent.

    Further packaged two, which includes the main construction of the passenger terminal has reached 80 percent. Package two with service providers from KSO PT Wijaya Karya and PT Pembangunan Perumahan (PP) Property working on terminal, interior, facade work and roof boarding lounge. Currently the developer is still focused on completing a roof that resembles a peacock tail. The roof is what will become an airport icon.

    As for the package of three includes the construction of operational buildings that work by PT Waskita Karya is nearing perfect that is 92 percent. PT Waskita is given responsibility to work on airport operational support facilities such as incenerator, meteorology, ground water tank, regional road, sub station and airport fire safety device.

    "So I look at the terminal, everything is on progress, technically no doubt, it is expected that on May 1 will be operated, this terminal can be operated," he said optimistically. Others, he hopes that toll roads and non-toll roads that become accessibility to the airport can be completed as the airport operates. In addition, he also expressed a push for operational cooperation (KSO) airport.

    Virda Dimas Ekaputra said, PT BIJB as the implementer of airport development and operation is ready to meet in order to start operating can also serve haj flight. One facility that is the presence of haj and umroh lounge area of ??1300 square meters. The facility is located on the second floor of the airport area.

    As for other readiness such as non-toll road access, it together with Local Government Majalengka have started doing physical work. Access it takes a straight road along the 1.8 kilometers. As for access to West Java provincial government toll is currently conducting land acquisition along the 3.8 kilometers. The toll road access will be connected directly to the Cipali Toll.

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