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    Aher: West Java Elections are Safe


    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan believes, the process of elections starting from registration, campaign period, during the election to the election of the elected couple can run safely and smoothly.

    "We believe that the elections will be held in 2018 in West Java in a safe way," he said.

    According to the Governor, the implementation of elections in West Java is often done and not a new thing so we already have experience implementing it to walk safely and smoothly.

    "The direct elections we have done since 2008 and we can see the implementation of elections is always safe," said the Governor, after the apple degree Operation troops Mantap Praja Lodaya in order to secure (Pilkada) at Gasibu Field Bandung, Friday (05/01).

    The Governor believes that the people of West Java can maintain a conducive situation and will not engage in actions that could potentially disrupt security during the elections.

    "We always believe the people of West Java love peace, mutual respect according to the existing jargon 'silih tiller, silih asuh, silih asih', 'someah hade kasemah' which will color the people of West Java," he said. (Parno)

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