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    Aher: Accreditation of Education Quality Improvement Momentum


    BANDUNG-Giving accreditation to SMA / SMK and Madrasah Aliyah is expected not merely the ceremony of a high school gets predicate A, B or C but become part to continuously improve the quality and quantity of education in SMA so that West Java become province with the most youth at the same time quality demographic bonus for people in Indonesia.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) says it is impossible to present quality demographic bonuses without delivering quality education.

    "Education is what makes us closer to or more possible advanced civilization," said the Governor of West Java while giving a speech at the delivery of accreditation activities in the field of SMA / SMK and Madrasah Aliyah in West Java Education Office on Friday (5/1/2018)

    Governor cited, change of civilization can be felt when interact or communicate with others. Maybe we can be physically close but when we open the conversation we often talk to the other person is not connected yet. This means there is still a distance of civilization between us.

    Why do we speak we are disconnected and in certain places our language should be reduced to a very common language so that the audience can understand it well.

    "Whereas we should use scientific language, technology and progress, why in the case of certain people we have to change the language in order to be well understood by our society," Aher asked.

    According to Aher, civilization will be closer when there is good communication when education in West Java is done evenly. The only way to give birth to a new civilization and closer the distance of our civilization is required the implementation of good education.

    "The progress of a country depends on the quality of human resources (HR) .It is impossible for countries that have abundant natural resources if not processed into finished goods by a reliable human resources," he concluded. (MAT)

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