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    80 Percent of Senior High School in West Java Have Been Accredited


    BANDUNG-More than 80 percent of all senior high schools in West Java have been accredited. The remaining 20 percent will be completed by 2018.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said the Provincial Government of West Java will soon provide accreditation for schools that do not have it yet. The reason is that the accreditation determines the extent to which the quality of education implementation has an impact on the quality of education.

    Aher greeting Governor Jabar mention this year will be checked every high school level in West Java to be accredited. While for elementary and junior high school level later known based on reports from the mayor and regents of each region.

    "Of course as the record accumulation is in the Education Office of West Java, but as a program or affairs exist in every district / city," Aher told reporters at the office Disdik Jabar, Friday (4/1/2018)

    The Governor said the West Java provincial government hopes all senior high schools whose authority is fully entrusted in 2018.

    "Hopefully, the elementary school up to junior high school in West Java whose authority exists in the respective districts / cities can also be completed in 2018. If all accredited really good," said the Governor of West Java.

    Aher adds so far as much as 70 percent of schools in Jabar accredited A, more than 30 percent B, while accreditation C only reaches 1 percent.

    "It means it's good right, if the accreditation of C is 40 percent is already bad education in West Java," he concluded (MAT)

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