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    Soroja Toll Road Tariff Based on Investment Auction Result


    BANDUNG REGENCY-After the inauguration of Tol Soroja (Soreang-Pasirkoja) by the President of RI Ir. Joko Widodo on December 4, 2017, the implementation of non-cash transaction system, is considered to increase the convenience of travel users toll. Enforcement of the toll tariff which is 10 km away, using the open system that is closer is charged the same cost. This was disclosed President Director of PT Citra Marga cross Jabar (CMLJ) Good Medi Suarso, when confirmed through his celular phone, Wednesday (3/1/2018).

    President Director of CMLJ explained that based on the letter of winner of Soroja Toll Road Concession, the number: KU.03.01-Mn / 503, signed by the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) dated June 25, 2015. The winning bidder is PT. CMLJ is a BPJT (Toll Road Regulatory Agency) formed by PT CMNP (Citra Marga Nushapala Persada) Tbk, PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk, and PT Jasa Sarana consortium.

    "PT CMLJ won the tender with Soroja Tariff for group I per kilometer is Rp.702, with the calculation of total length reaches 10.57 km, then the tariff for vehicle class I to be paid is around Rp 7,420, -," said Good Medi Suarso .

    He added that regarding the determination of motor vehicle types and toll tariff rates on the Soreang-Pasirkoja Toll Road, it is determined in accordance with the Ministerial Decree of PUPR Number: 1010 / KPTS / M / 2017 on December 8, 2017.

    "The tariff of the Soroja Toll has been in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of PUPR, namely Group I: Rp 7,000, Group II: Rp 10,500, Group II: Rp 14,000, Group IV: Rp 17,500 and Group V: Rp 21,000, with open system," he said.

    According to Bagus Medi Suarso, in principle, toll road construction is a business, so it must meet the requirements of calculating the financial equivalent in order to attract investors and financial institutions to engage in implementation.

    "The implementation of toll tariff is for the return of investment and reasonable profit for investor, in addition to operation and maintenance. The determination of toll tariff is calculated based on 3 components, which is the profitability of vehicle operating cost, the ability to pay toll road users, and investment feasibility, "added Good Medi.

    Along with the development of macro economic condition, it will be adjusted toll tariff every two years, where the new tariff depends on inflation rate when new tariff is applied.

    In response, the Assistant for Economy and Welfare of Bandung Regency Government H.Marlan, S.Ip., M.Si said the toll road tender was conducted by BPJT, under the PUPR ministry. Toll toll charges charged to road users with certain quantities because the Soroja toll is built as a toll within the city. So according to Assistant 2, the facilities owned also have different.

    "Throughout the highway lights, from the side of safety is also more safety in the appeal with others, surely the operational costs are quite high, including the toll is built with excellent construction, so it requires a high cost and it will impact on toll rates , "Said Marlan.

    He further explained that now the burden of toll road tariffs is from the infrastructure of road construction itself, with large capital. Although only 10.5 km he said, the construction of infrastructure Soroja Toll through 4 river bridges, such as Citarum, Ciwidey and 2 others, which require considerable construction costs.

    "Actually, the arterial route is also crowded, only the impact of the toll felt the way the copo became a little bit less density. But looking from the time side, fuel efficiency, may be more efficient using toll roads that only Rp.7.000, -. Actually tariff Rp.13.500 itukan distance from GT Cileunyi - Soreang, if GT Cileunyi out GT kopo Rp.6.500, -. While from Kopo toll toll Soroja Rp.7.000, -, so it accumulated to Rp.13.500, "he explained.

    Marlan pointed out that the Soroja toll road tariffs are inexpensive, compared to some of the benefits toll road users. Looking at the time efficiency, effectiveness of transportation and fuel efficiency.

    "Rates Rp. 13,500, - it is not expensive, when compared with inner city toll facilities provided. Because if we use Kopo road to get to Soreang, the morning can be 1 hour, how much fuel out, maybe more than 2 liters, not to mention congestion and various conditions in the artery path. With the toll, travel will be more efficient, good time also the efficiency of vehicle operating costs, "lid Marlan.

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