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    9 State High School Bandung City Now Have Six RKB


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) the opportunity to inaugurate the New Classroom (RKB) and Rehabilitation Class SMAN 9 Bandung at the State Senior High School 9 Bandung, Jl. Suparmin No. 1A, Wednesday (3/1/18). There are six RKB and five classrooms repaired. Development of two of the RKB costs are derived from CSR BJB funds.
    New Classroom Development and Rehabilitation This class is a grant from the West Java Provincial Government's Special Allocation Fund (DAK) of Rp862.783.200,00, while Class Rehabilitation comes from the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) of Rp440.315.550,00, and CSR Fund of PT Bank BJB of Rp365,603,000.00.
    In his speech, Aher revealed that his side keep trying to improve the quality of education, including the quality and welfare of educators. One of the problems that continues to be solved is the development of classrooms.
    "West Java includes the province with the largest leap of classroom development in Indonesia. Since no ten-year-old was built - it was the beginning of the year (the period of the first government of Aher), the construction of elementary and junior high schools was built by approximately 15,000 classrooms. That in the year 2008-2010 and 2011 until now the record has been awakened as well, Alhamdulillah, as many as 30 thousand classrooms, "said Aher.
    This has an impact on the increase in the gross enrollment rate (APK) of SMA / SMK in West Java. In 2008 West Java APK was on the shelves of 32 of the 33 provinces (at that time there was no North Kalimantan Province). However, in 2016 the ranking of West Java jumped significantly in position 11 of 34 provinces or at 76.62%.
    New Classroom Development and Classroom Rehabilitation is one of the priority programs of educational development in West Java as part of increased accessibility and capacity of education, including those implemented in SMA Negeri 9 Kota Bandung using DAK or Dana Alokasi Khusus.
    DAK 2017 budget realization amounts to more than Rp 68 M with 335 rooms and by 2018, the planned budget is more than Rp 143 M with 677 rooms. Through these efforts, it is expected that the quality of education in West Java can continue to grow, although based on data from the Education Office in 2016, the education sector in West Java looks continue to increase. This is indicated by: Improved Education Index from 60.45 points in 2015 to 61.39 points in 2016; The Increase of Literacy Rate from 98.29 points in 2015 to 98.78 points in 2016; RLS 2016 of 7.95 years, and APK SMA / SMK / MA / equal in 2016 reached 76.62%.
    In the future, especially in 2018, the West Java Provincial Government is committed to continuously improve the quality of education through the construction of new school units, namely SMA as many as 3 units with a total of Rp 15 M and SMK of 2 units of Rp 10 M. Meanwhile, procurement of land in 2018 will be done for SMA and SMK with a total of Rp 15 M. This will be a priority, given that based on data from the West Java Education Office, 69 schools consisting of 45 SMA and 24 SMK in 21 districts / cities in West Java does not yet have an independent land. Thus, it is expected that the target in solving land problems will be completed in 2019.
    Aher appealed to all parties both the business world or the general public to help the world of education in addition to the development of other fields. "What is clear is that this education is a joint movement, of course, for the greatest responsibility of the government. Of course when there are other parties who want to help are welcome, open, "Aher appealed.
    Principal of SMA Negeri 9 Kota Bandung Agustia Mulyadi said that in 2016, the school building of State Senior High School 9 of Bandung was damaged by flood, causing the collapse of the school boundary wall. Seven classrooms and libraries are inundated. While 35 units of computers submerged and thousands of books destroyed, as well as important documents belonging to the school lost.
    A few days after the event, in the cooperation of all parties, the wall can be rebuilt. Since then, the school has been trying to keep the same disaster from recurring.
    One of the efforts undertaken, the school building that once submerged the flood of the building is elevated. "We built a commitment with the School Committee at that time. The buildings affected by the floods we raise the surface. Armed with the remaining budget of Rp 150 million in April 2017 recklessly With Bismillah, we do the laying of the first stone of this classroom, "Agustia Mulyadi story in his speech at the inauguration ceremony.
    Almost two years later from the incident, the damaged school building has been repaired. SMAN 9 Kota Bandung got help from various parties. Even not only improve, the school managed to build a new classroom (RKB).

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