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    2018 Resolution, West Java P2TP2A Wants to Have LPKA


    BANDUNG-The number of violence in West Java is still relatively high. Data Center for Integrated Services for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) of West Java said, during the year 2017 there were recorded 160 cases of violence in children and 168 cases of violence in women reported to the office P2TP2A Jabar. The number is dominated by cases of sexual violence and domestic violence in Bandung Raya and surrounding areas.

    Not all violators are adults. Some perpetrators of violence are minors. For the Chairman of P2TP2A West Java Province Netty Heryawan, the handling of the perpetrators and the victim who was the age of the child becomes a challenge, because the facilities owned by P2TP2A are very limited and do not cover the fulfillment of the needs of victims and child perpetrators.

    "The handling is not only the victim, but also the perpetrator, the perpetrator, if at the age of the child, need long period of time, must get the right of education, must recover the trauma, must be able to build its future, the society must accept its presence. , "Netty said as a guest speaker talkshow at iNews TV Bandung, Tuesday (02/01/2018).

    "We at P2TP2A have limitations, for example in the right to education, we can not make a new school, so this should continue to be promoted as 2018 resolution," he continued.

    According to him, the state should be able to facilitate the provincial government through the Institute for Special Education of Children (LPKA), because said Netty, LPKA becomes the mandate of the Child Protection Criminal System Act (SPPA) in detail will handle children as perpetrators and children as victims. This LPKA is what Netty made the P2TP2A resolution in 2018.

    "In the context of handling, we must have LPKA, should start to create a special education service system for children who become perpetrators or victims, who have not been able to go back to school in formal school," said Netty.

    Netty also considered, there needs to be initiation to patch the gaps that exist in parenting patterns. To date, the initiation has been implemented by P2TP2A in the form of a Child-Based Child Care (PPABM) program.

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