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    West Java Governor Election 2018 Must Be Better Achievement


    BANDUNG-Governor of Guberbur (Pilgub) Jabar Election 2018 can be more achievers in everything. Provided that at every stage all the important aspects that support the succession are well executed.

    Similarly, among others, presented Chairman of West Java KPU, Yayat Hidayat on Coordination Meeting of Preparation of Stages Matching and Research (coklit) Election Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java Year 2018, in Setia Permana Hall Road Garut No. 2018. 11 Bandung (2/1/2017)

    Yayat explained that the achievement must be achieved with three important conditions. First, who is registered and registered in the DPT. There are 3 characteristics of voters, namely voters who are apathetic or ignorant in the general election, and even tend to have a negative perspective on elections and election organizers.

    The condition is based on educational, economic, and geographical level or the location of the residence that is not far from the capital or the city crowd. Then, voting people who besikap apathy, which is not infrequently apathy is often the case with educated people who understand politics but have a bad perception on the electoral system.

    "Meanwhile, the type of passive community is the voting community who understands the election, but the response to the election is weak or prefer not to participate in the election, by taking the decision not to come to the Voting Place (TPS)," explained Yayat.

    Furthermore, the types of people who are active, understand and participate in the election as a well-educated society that keeps abreast of election political developments.

    Second, the organizer's ferforma or DPT updating officer. The performance of lower-level organizers in matching and research should cover the dynamics of the community or predict the social cycles of population occurring, such as death, displacement, or beginner voter data collection, and sorting data.

    But in reality there are still many organizers who are not professional and their mistakes are done collectively. For example errors at PPDP level are not controlled PPS.

    "The organizer should also understand the Sidalih (Voters Data Information System)," said Yayat.

    Third, the perception of the election is the right or obligation. Yayat describes, election abroad has been dubbed as a mandatory right. Even if not contribute will be in fines. In Indonesia elections are said to be right. But, the right that becomes a problem for voters with wrong perception. If required, then participation is guaranteed to increase.

    Yayat asserted, the KPU's big duty to change the perception of voters, namely reconstruct the way of thinking about the right to conduct elections. If deconstruction is necessary, so the perception of not choosing is a sin against society.

    "So, with the voters who do not come to TPS, they feel they have been harassing the society, should be socialized about the rights in mass," he concluded. (MAT)

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