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    New Year Eve Ala Governor Aher


    BANDUNG-In general, New Year's Eve celebration is welcomed with fireworks and various entertainment. However, for West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) the momentum of the turn of the year does not have to perform an activity that actually leads to things that are rah-rah.

    Together with hundreds of communities, Aher welcomed the new year 2018 by holding a movie together with a puppet show performances staged by Dandas Sunandar Sunarya dalang in the parking area west of Gedung Sate Bandung from 21.00 pm until early morning, Monday (01/01/2018). Even before, Aher along with Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar and the community, gave a lecture at the event Muhasabah at the mosque Pusdai Bandung.

    Alluded to the reason why to hold a puppet show, the Governor who almost completed his tenure during these two periods said, the New Year's Eve celebration must have a better meaning of life that must be applied by society. The wayang golek show full of meaning and life advice according to him is very precisely staged, as well as to preserve the original culture of Pasundan land.

    "Why hold a wayang golek, we want to interpret with profound meaning at the turn of the year so we do not pretend but that there is a meaning that we leave 2017 is an evaluation that has happened and stared vigorously in the face of 2018 by producing the work new for a better life, "he said.

    Aher said, through a cultural approach, especially wayang golek, the community will more easily digest the various meanings of life and values ??that must be applied.

    "We do not want to be without meaning and substance, let us present beauty, comfort and love in various lives including in the New Year's turn therefore the approach is the cultural art of wayang golek containing advice to us, was it in the scene of the cepot as a symbol of humor but it's so much to advise us, "he said.

    The year 2018, especially for Governor Aher whose term of office will end in June, is a year to be greeted with a new spirit in achieving the development programs to be achieved. One that will be digenjotnya the development of human resources. Because according to him, as good as any infrastructure development will not be enjoyed maanfaatnya without human development.

    "Resolution 2018 of course we emphasize on human development because the physical development we do less can be enjoyed when human benefits we do not wake up," he said.

    Aher pointed out, as strong as any government effort in presenting a clean citarum river will not succeed without human being able to respect the values of water as a source of life.

    "Therefore, in the future we want to instill values ??in human development, not only transfer knowledge in school but at the same time we transfer the value so that knowledge and value together, present in West Java society," he explained.

    In addition to focusing on education and health development, infrastructure projects currently being designed and worked will also remain a priority. Like Bocimi toll road, Cisumdawu, Cigatas, Cianjur-Padalarang toll road, Kertajati airport, Patimban harbor, Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu and the construction of Al-Jabbar floating mosque.

    "2018 is certainly my last half of the year as governor of June exactly, like his grief very much.Sukanya if we can make people happy," pungkas Aher.

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