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    Starting January 2018, Garut Regency Will Be Practicing Online Attendance


    GARUT-Garut regency starting in January 2018 will apply the absence of electronic systems (E-absence). The application is only valid for some employees of ASN in SKPD and sub-district of Garut regency.

    Based on BKD data, the total number of ASN in Garut regency as many as 16,351 people, and 5,002 employees including entry into the online attendance system to be applied. While some SKPD, such as UPT Puskesmas, Teachers in the Office of Education, as well as public hospitals do not enter the online attendance diataranya because it has been tied up by the system of remuneration and certification.

    "From January 2, 2018, precisely enter the first day after the new year 2018 holiday officers Garut regency began to absent online," said Head of Communications and Informatics Office Garur, H. Nurdin Yana, in his office, Friday, (29 / 12/2107).

    This electronic attendance system, said Nurdin, is expected to improve the discipline and performance of Garut regency apparatus. Implementation of this system is also related to Dynamic Performance Allowance (TKD), so it is directly proportional to the performance quality of Garut regency apparatus. "We will be able to see diligent clerks who are more diligent and lazy employees can turn to a better direction, demanding their awareness as an apparatus," he explained.

    TKD payments will be measured from attendance as well as daily performance reports, then this e-attendance system will also affect the amount of TKD payments of employees according to their attendance figures because there is a provision of deductible amount of TKD employee. The system will monitor employees who are absent without explanation, late or home ahead of hours. In the e-attendance system is calculated working hours from 07:30 to 16:00 pm, except Friday to 16:30 pm.

    Nurdin believes, through this system will be able to slowly change the behavior of apparatus who like to skip work, the presence of late and home does not fit working hours.

    Dinas Kominfo itself together with BKD marathon to build an integrated network so that when the system is running well. "With our human resources, all SKPD and sub-districts are registering employees for our recordings that are directly connected to BKDs that have this system, discominfo only build their network, all recording is centered in BKD", Nurdin said.

    BKD is now preparing technical guidance through the Bupati (Perbup) Regulation, where it deals with the TKD for the executing staff and officials. TKD is influenced by the recapture of employee absenteeism.

    This e-attendance machine not only records fingerprints only, but iris eyes and employee cards equipped with chips that are currently almost entirely installed in all SKPD and kecamatan. Nevertheless, it is still considering apparatus who have special tasks, such as firefighters, or covering personnel in Diskominfo environment or other tasks that allow e-attendance applied.

    Meanwhile, one of the ASN Diskominfo, Anies Fikry, said that the implementation of e- attendance is very good because it will further improve the discipline in working.

    "I'm sure it will have a good impact on performance, because next year all will be based on e-performance too, so if anyone who is disciplined and who is not disciplined will see the difference that affects the big TKD," said Anies.

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