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    Aher - Cepot Greet 2018 With The Prayer


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan or Aher and the figure Si Cepot closed in 2017 and started the year 2018 by holding a prayer with residents in the Backyard Gedung Sate Bandung, on Sunday night at 00.00 WIB.

    "O God bless us in this new year, take care of our faith, guard our province, guard our generation, from bad things in this new year," Aher said.

    The number one person in West Java Province closed the new year by holding a movie together with Golek puppet showers, with Dandas Sunandar Sunarya from Padepokan Putra Giri Harja 3.

    According to Aher, the reason for his party is to hold the New Year's Eve event by praying and holding a puppet show because it wants to mark the momentum of the new year with cultural values.

    "We know in the puppet show, such as the dialogue of Si Cepot, although humorous figures, but contained or filled with moral advice or message.This life must interpret the value because it is basically a culture that memaknai all sorts of our lives" he said.

    He said with a new spirit in the year 2018 hopefully all citizens of West Java can create new works that bring benefits to the audience.

    "I also want to thank the people of West Java, civil servants West Java provincial government, all OPD that has been 10 years with me, marked with various awards.This award is not solely because I am great but this is thanks to my people great people, great civil servants, great OPD and bureaucrats, "he said.

    Aher also wants to see the young generation of West Java in 2018 is a good young generation, a smart, far from drugs, moral deviations and away from LGBT.

    "The young generation of West Java should be educated, healthy, competitive, faithful and devout young generation, LGBT clear deviation, baseball may exist in West Java, should not be brought to Jabar," he said. (Even)

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