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    BP2D West Java Office Affected by Fire, Continuing Work


    BANDUNG-Building Office of Research and Development Agency (BP2D) West Java province hit by fire accident on Sunday (31/12) early morning at around 02.30 WIB.

    The new fire could be extinguished two hours later after more than 10 firefighters were unloaded at the scene on Jl. Citarum number 8 Bandung. Based on the testimony of the security officer on duty at the time of the incident, Andri, the fire is most likely due to electrical disturbance, ie the fire began to spread after he saw a cloud of smoke on the electrical panel. Shortly after he dropped the MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker-ed.), There was an explosion that eventually burned most of the two-story building.

    It is certain that there were no casualties in the tragedy, but the main file storage space was severely damaged. Results of temporary data collection, other heavily damaged rooms include workspace, archive room, mosque and warehouse.

    Assistant Administration of West Java Provincial Secretary Muhammad Solihin, when reviewing the location at 05.00 am, admitted that he was concerned about the unfortunate occurrence, but it was sure to find a temporary office alternative for BP2D so that work operations could continue.

    "Firstly, we thank the Fire Team from Bandung Fire Department who have been ready to help the extinguishment process so that the fire does not spread anywhere. We know this is a disaster to one of Pemprov's assets, so we have reported to Pa Governor for got his approval of the temporary office transfer and BP2D must fill the other office assets in the West Java Provincial Government, whatever happens BP2D must continue to work ", said Solihin told the PR team on Sunday (31/12/17).

    Secretary of BP2D West Java Province, Linda Al Amin, detailing the loss of inventory of burning office items include:
    1. Computers / Desktop 25 units
    2. Printer 12 units
    3. Laptop 10 units
    4. Scanner 1 unit
    5. Camera 2 units
    6. 2 door wooden cabinets 8 units
    7. 3 door cabinets 2 units
    8. Filling cabinet 8 unit
    9. Refrigerator 1 unit
    10. AC 6 units
    11. Working table 28 units
    12. Working seats 32 units
    13. Folding chairs 3 units
    14. Sofa 1 package
    15. TV 1 unit
    16. Dispenser 5 units
    17. Phone 6 units
    18. Cash box containing money worth Rp30,200,000
    19. Counter machine 1 unit
    20. Recorder 5 units
    21. Exhaust fan 4 units
    22. Helmet rack 1 package

    "Yes indeed office assets are relatively many that are burned, but we will continue to work," said Linda, met at Jl. Maulana Yusuf number 3 Bandung

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