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    West Java Provincial Government Develops Results of Phased Industry Science and Technology


    CIREBON-Provincial Government (Pemrpov) West Java will build Science Technopark as a vehicle for the development of innovation based on science and technology based industry.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that some of the science and technology-based starup industries developed in science and technology based industries are developed here so that after going through the STP preview process in the future there will be industries that develop further phases.

    "So when out of here there is an industry that develops to a further stage and now it is possible to do," said the Governor of West Java to reporters in Cirebon, Saturday (30/12/2017)

    Previously, technological innovation was only limited to the prototype then the next development has entered into the realm of the industry so that it has economic value not just industry only. But in STP is not limited but has been developed into a mini industry.

    Once developed on a small scale it will be developed with large industrial scale. Of course the results will be utilized in national and international scale to be able to compete in foreign markets.

    "Usually the weakness of our technology is only limited to the prototype after it has entered the economic and industrial affairs, seems stagnant because if produced there will be no guarantee to be purchased," said Aher.

    For that we need a policy in protecting the results of the industry itself. It can be realized because it has new technology so that not be defeated by the results of the tender of other countries.

    "Our tenders are still against Japanese-branded products, Germany and America are sure to lose, so our products are not bought and not tender because they use the initial brand," said Aher.

    The Governor of West Java said, by using e-catalog no longer need to go through a tender process so that the nation's technology can be purchased by other countries.

    "In addition, our brand is not necessarily known outside because it is still starup but not necessarily also does not have the quality, but to achieve the quality and have the name requires a long process," he concluded (MAT)

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