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    Al Jabbar Mosque, Floating Mosque with Environmental Concept


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government through the Office of Highways and Spatial Planning (BMPR) of West Java Province, started the process of construction of the Great Mosque of West Java Province, or named Al-Jabbar Mosque, which will be erected on a retention pond (embung) of 25, 9879 Ha.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) inaugurated the commencement of the construction of the Floating Mosque with the ceremony of 'Ground Breaking', or the laying of the first stone of Masjid Raya 'Al Jabbar' of West Java Province in the Year of Plural 2017-2018, at the construction site of Mosque in Gedebage Bandung area on Friday 29/12/2017).

    Ahmad Heryawan reveals, the name of Al-Jabbar itself is one among 99 Asmaul Husna, which means the gallant, almighty.

    "Here we will stand a mosque of West Java pride we call Al-Jabbar We must build a balanced life, we not only build buildings for worldly activities, but at the same time we want to present a physical building that describes the strength of our slave to Allah SWT, "he said.

    Aher said the Al-Jabbar Mosque would later become the largest mosque of the Government among the existing mosques.

    "This mosque will be able to accommodate 60,000 pilgrims, both inside and in plazanya, for in the mosque can accommodate 33,000 pilgrims, the rest can be spread to the plaza," said Aher.

    The activity plan for the construction of the Great Mosque of Al Jabbar West Java Province consists of the main building, supporting facilities, and facilities open space.

    Aher also added, on the ground floor of this mosque will also be built history museum prophet Muhammad SAW, which will complement the religious tourism packages in this region.

    The land acquisition for West Java Province Great Mosque and retention pond (embung) to prevent flooding around Gedebage, has been started since 2015 with an area of ??4.5798 Ha by Biro PBD, 2016 by 12.2066 Ha by the Bureau of PBD, and the total land acquired in 2017 of 3.3556 Ha by the Office of BMPR.

    "Meanwhile, the width of land for the work of BBWS Citarum inlet, in 2016 of 1,509 Ha, and total land released in 2017 of 0.378 Ha," he said.

    So the total land that has been released is 22.1000 Ha, and the land to be released in 2018 is + - 3.8879 Ha. The total land required is 25.9879 ha.

    The mosque was built with the main structure of concrete, roof truss with a 99 m long steel span structure with glass roof covering and aluminum solid panel with a height of 58m, Minaret 4 pieces 99m high. Even the whole building stands on the pile foundation structure.

    "The location is close to GBLA, GBLA capacity is only 40,000.So if Persib play there, it can accommodate all bobotoh for congregational prayers or if winning and even a champion can be a place of thanksgiving," he said.

    Head of Bina Marga and Spatial Planning of West Java Province, HM Guntoro said that the Grand Mosque will be built with ground floor of + - 11.291 m2, 1st floor + -8.329 m2, and Mezzanine floor + + 2.232 m2, and Mosque Outer Space + - 17,429.6 m2.

    "This mosque was built with the value of Engineer Estimate (EE) Rp 913.874.490.000, including VAT, excluding landscape and Ma'Radh," he said.

    The construction of Masjid Al Jabbar the implementation of the construction is carried out in stages, with stage 1 in accordance with the contract number 602 / SPK.30 / Pemb.MRJB / JAKON / 2017 dated December 21, 2017, multi-year financing fiscal year 2017-2018 of Rp. 511,000,000,000.

    "The mosque will be built by PT Wijaya Karya Gedung Tbk (WIKA Gedung) for about two years with multi-year budget," said Guntoro.

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