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    Al Jabbar Mosque, Unprecedented Design of the Mosque


    BANDUNG -Jabar Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) asserted that the design of Al-Jabbar mosque has never existed before in the world. It was punctuated by Aher during the ground breaking procession and the groundbreaking of the construction of the West Java provincial mosque, Al Jabbar in Cikencrang Gede Bage, Bandung, on Friday (29/12).

    "If so later, the mosque design or the form of this mosque has never existed before in the world, this is the first mosque with a shape like this" he said.

    The long planned construction of the mosque was built on a total land area of ??25 hectares with a total budget of over Rp 900 billion.

    "This mosque is able to accommodate about 60 thousand worshipers, so if the audience from GBLA want to pray here, this mosque can accommodate all spectators who will pray, because GBLA the capacity of 40 thousand" said Aher.

    In addition to places of solat and other religious activities, in Al Jabbar mosque there is also a history museum of the Prophet Muhammad.
    "This is the first historical museum of prophets outside the Middle East, even if the number of museums in the future must be increased" he explained.

    Al-Jabbar Mosque is built on a lake of retention or flood control built by BBWS of the Ministry of PUPR, and is targeted to be used in 2019. Before conducting ground breaking processions, the Governor, Vice Governor and Secretary of West Java had time to carry out Friday prayers at the location and Aher acts as khotib priest. (Even)

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