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    Aher Spread 2.3 Million Fish Tails in Jatiluhur


    PURWAKARTA - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan spread over 2.3 million fish seeds in Jatiluhur Reservoir, Purwakarta District. This is done as an effort to improve and normalize water in Jatiluhur.

    2.3 also fish stocked are fish with endemic species, commonly found in public waters, or in rivers and lakes in West Java. Among them, fish lalawak, tamakang, tawes, nilem, bereum panon, milkfish, kanca, sepat, indigo, and other endemic fish species.

    "In the past, when I was the governor, I planted 200 thousand seeds of fish here, now 2, 3 million," he said when met after the release of fish seeds on Friday (29/12).

    Aher hoped that fish stocked in these land waters will be utilized by the community for consumption. such as the community around Jatigede Dam, Sumedang, where there are 10 groups of lake fishermen formed. per group of 10 families.

    "The average per day has been able to catch two tons of fish per day," he said.

    Nevertheless, Aher appealed people around Jatiluhur who want to catch fish do not practice destructive fishing environment, simply by fishing or fishing.

    In addition, the basket of floating net was said Aher should not operate again in the waters of Jatiluhur.

    "The general waters are endemic, must be returned to natural fisheries, natural fish taste better than cultivation," he said.

    Aher said, fish seed release program has been done every year. Next year Aher is targeting to re-spread 80 million seeds in all waters around West Java.

    "Last year 30 million fish seeds stocked, this year 59 million.It next year insha Allah 80 million fish seeds," he said.

    With live fish, it is expected to be linear with water quality. So, in addition to wanting fish-rich waters, water quality that irrigates agriculture is also good. (Even)

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