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    2018, All Reservoir in West Java Zero Floating Net


    PURWAKARTA - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan wants in 2018, all reservoirs in West Java must zero floating net or no floating net any. The three reservoirs are, Jatiluhur Reservoir, Cirata Reservoir and Saguling Reservoir.

    "Reservoirs that already have a net free commitment of this net is initially Jatiluhur.Later next two other reservoirs," said Aher greeting familiar Governor of West Java after releasing 2.3 million fish seeds, at Jatiluhur Reservoir, Purwakarta regency, Friday (29/12) .

    However, in realizing the zero of floating net in the three large reservoirs in West Java, Aher does not dismiss a slight upheaval in society. But it will now begin to record the people who make this floating net as a livelihood, to then slowly diverted by planting fish as much as possible so that people can become fish finders.

    "This will bring the optimum result of Citarum upstream and downstream so clean, so bring a clean lake, this one Jatilajur reservoir including Cirata and Saguling," he said.

    Aher explained, the two approaches taken to clean water in the reservoir is to do it from upstream which is mostly caused by waste from keramba.

    He also stated that it has been agreed with the Regent of Purwakarta and other parties to curb the floating net, so that in 2018 can be realized zero floating net.

    In addition, Aher said, by planting fish it will be able to clean the green water caused by the rest of the fish feed, thereby placing a dangerous plangton for the turbine.

    "In the future, there will be a lot of fish, the type of most of 500,000 turtles, milkfish, tawes, sepat," he said.

    He said, every year, seed distribution program continues to grow, if last year 30 million, this year could reach 51 million seeds.

    "Next year it can easily reach 80 million seeds, the quality (water) of the reservoir can still be used for agriculture, it can be water to drink, will be water supplier," he said. (Even)

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