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    Indonesia Winner of International Shooting Contest


    BANDUNG - The army shooter contingent became the overall champion of the Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting (AASAM) international competition held on 5-26 May 2017 in Australia and the ASEAN Armies Riffle Meet (AARM) on 14-23 November 2017 in Singapore.

    Indonesia succeeded in becoming AASAM champion for 10 times in a row since 2008. While AARM, Indonesia has won 12 out of 27 times. This proves that the quality of artificial weapons in the country can compete with other countries made.

    AASAM and AARM achievements can be achieved thanks to a combination of superior TNI AD guidance systems, human factors that are highly trained warriors, and product factors of reliable weapons and ammunition.

    "Nobody is born of chance, achievement achieved with hard work and the spirit of the synergy of all elements," said AARM contingent shooter 2017, Lettu Inf Safrin Sihombing in his official statement in Bandung, Thursday (28/12/2017).

    Safrin added a more proud, Indonesian shooter became the champion using Pindad products, made in the country, the SS2 V1 HB and G2 Elite pistol (AASAM) and SS2 V4 HB, SS2 V2 and amunisinya (AARM).

    Pindad's technological weapon has adapted to the generation of the development of the present-day weaponry with its constantly developed weapon variant and equipment system used. Pindad artificial ammunition is also guaranteed accuracy due to ammunition material ie powder, projectile and sleeve has the best quality. With the input of the shoot, Pindad always improve the quality of its products.

    In addition, artificial ammunition Pindad very good quality, excellence is in grouping perkenaan. MU5-HPBT A1 / A2 5.56 mm caliber, MU2-TJS A1 7.62 mm caliber, and MU1-JHP A1 9mm caliber have a high degree of accuracy.

    "Pindad artificial weapons are very good, proven to be the best in ASEAN, just need a refinement of the quality or durability of the material," said Safrin.

    Meanwhile, Pindad appreciated the achievements of the contingent of army shooters in AASAM and AARM on December 27, 2017.

    President Director of Pindad, Abraham Mose congratulated the contingent of the army shooter for the prestigious achievement of defending AASAM and AARM champions 2017 using Pindad's artificial organic weapons and ammunition.

    "Congratulations to the Army contingent who successfully defended the general champion of AASAM and AARM 2017," Abraham said.

    Pindad, the domestic defense industry has proved that artificial weapons support in the country does not disappoint, even able to support the TNI to win international shoot competition in recent years. Pindad appreciated the remarkable achievements of the armed TNI AD shooter that is very proud for Indonesia.

    Furthermore, Abraham hopes to increase the synergy that has been established between the domestic defense industry with the Army to produce a reliable product according to input from the army shooters.

    Pindad is grateful for the support of all Army leaders and shooting teams to improve the quality of their products and services. Improved quality and endurance are important inputs for future Pindad improvements.

    "Pindad's synergy with the TNI, from the moment of coaching became the key to producing quality products and achievement in various international shooting competitions," he concluded. (MAT)

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