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    West Java BI Submits Computer Assistance To SMKN 1 Cisarua Lembang


    BANDUNG - Representative Office of BI Jabar Jabar handed over 5 units of Personal Computer Devices and other assistance as part of the CSR program. CSR is given on Thursday (28/12) at SMKN 1 Cisarua Lembang Jl. Cabbage. Masturi No. 300.

    Submission delivered by HUMAS BI Jabar Yayan Istiandi representing the leader and received directly by the Principal SMKN 1 Cisarua Lembang Engkus Kusnadi.

    "The grant is a Bank Indonesia Social Program (PSBI) with the theme" Dedication for the State "and Bank Indonesia's Concern in education," said Yayan Istiandi.

    Engkus Kusnadi, expressed gratitude to Bank Indonesia for providing assistance and support to this school, this assistance will be used optimally to support teaching and learning activities for students of SMKN 1 Cisarua Lembang.

    In addition Engkus Kusnadi said that our school has 4 majors consisting of Light Vehicle Engineering, Software Engineering, Office Administration and Hospitality.

    While the outstanding achievements that have been achieved include: 1st Winner of Adm Offices at LKS Level Province of West Java in 2017, Winner of Olympic Sports National Student of the Year 2017 and Champion III karate championship Kumite Junior 48 Year 2017. Jo

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