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    President Jokowi: Center for Filling the Citarum River Massively


    BANDUNG-President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo (Jokowi), at the Top of the 50th Anniversary of the Siliwangi Young Generation (AMS), held at Gedung Merdeka, Jl. Asia Afrika Bandung, Thursday (12/28/2017) touched on the Citarum river in West Java. Himself said, that the Citarum River needs to get special attention and comprehensive from the government.

    On that basis, Jokowi mentions in mid-January 2018, in the next month, or two weeks ahead, it will start the revitalization of Citarum thoroughly from upstream to downstream.

    Jokowi also said that the improvement will also be done in the Citarum rivers, especially the teraliri waste factory.

    "From the information I received, the data I received was true, the Citarum river has become a very dirty river, the pollution from the factory went all in. I also get information, some bacteria have appeared there," Jokowi said.

    Do not want the contamination of Citarum continues, Jokowi is determined that Citarum can be back clean and sustainable like ancient times. Because he realizes Citarum has a big role for people's lives.

    "This is not good for upstream and downstream agriculture, and it is not good for people who use Citarum for clean water, especially the people in Jakarta because it takes almost entirely of Citarum river," he said.

    Therefore, Jokowi ensures a massive revitalization of the Citarum river to be immediately mobilized.

    "God willing, mid-January, either in the form of land rehabilitation in the upstream as well as matters relating to tributaries, as well as waste coming from factories," said Jokowi.

    "Everything will we see thoroughly because we want this river really useful beneficial to agriculture and raw water in West Java, so Citarum can return to the old river a clean time," Sambung Dia.

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