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    Netty Wants Adaptation of Dekranasda Coordination System in East Java


    SURABAYA - Chairman of the National Council of Local Handicrafts (Dekranasda) West Java Province Netty Heryawan paid a working visit to the Dekranasda Office of East Java Province on Wednesday (27/12/17) afternoon. There is something that makes Netty inspired from Dekranasda East Java, which is financing source of Dekranasda East Java which is able to synergize with the related Regional Device Organization (OPD), whereas until now the financing source of Dekranasda Jabar only cooperated with the Department of Industry and Trade (Disperindag) West Java Province only .

    "What has been said before will be a record for Dekranasda West Java Province to continue to improve the pattern of work, the pattern of relationships with existing regional devices in West Java Province," said Netty.

    "Actually, our working method has been like that, but the financing is only focused on one regional tool that is the Office of Industry and Trade of West Java Province, later if there are activities that can include dekranasda with artisans and superior products we usually keep coordination," he added.

    Revealed at the meeting, financing source Dekranasda East Java synergized with seven OPD in East Java Provincial Government, which comes from the Regional Planning and Development Agency, Department of Industry and Commerce, Department of Cooperatives and SMEs, Department of Culture and Tourism, Office of Communications and Informatics, Office of Investment , and the Adm Bureau. Economy.

    Chairman of Daily Dekranasda East Java and Head of Department of Industry and Trade of East Java Province, Moch. Ardi said that Dekranasda East Java has long been progressively synergizing with related stakeholders in order to empower Small Scale Enterprises (SMEs) handicrafts in East Java. This is done so that later craftsmen who are under the auspices of Dekranasda East Java able to compete towards the global order by involving the craftsmen to big events both at local, national and international levels.

    "So we synergy with OPD related to SMEs and handicrafts. The seven OPDs are the ones whose days are related to the dekranasda, so that if we have good meetings about the exhibition, promotion, or training we will include them (the relevant OPD), "Ardi said.

    "We do like this because there are some activities that are function Dekranasda, but we must coherent match with the Integrated Team East Java Exhibition, for example we want to go abroad or join a big event, well all the OPD was put together for his strength (funds) great," .

    In order to adapt the coordination system, Netty said there should be a distribution of financing workload distributed on various regional devices, not only to one party, namely Disperindag. The involvement of regional tools in this case can certainly be one form of support that can accommodate both the Dekranasda and the local crafters and producers in order to expand market access, networking and adding insight about the business they do.

    "Although our work has begun to coordinate but of course will be better and more excellent. Including our opportunities and opportunities to promote the craft of more and more back-ups that provide support not just a one-way tool but some local tools are also allocating money for our development efforts, "Netty explained.

    "Maybe in the future we will elaborate some things that can indeed be directly advocated with some specific regional devices.It is hope that this is one thing that we can escort both from the side of the rules, so the lighter the burden we have in Disperindag because there is a distribution of load work, "he continued.

    Netty further said, it will soon design a meeting with various OPD in West Java provincial government to establish an integrated coordination system, in order to increase the potential of SMEs as West Java. He is very confident, the positive impact of this coordination system is not only felt on improving the welfare of the craftsmen, but also open wider opportunities for West Java crafts in national and international markets.

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