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    Indonesia Target & Largest Market Share of Narcotics Circulation


    BANDUNG-Indonesia became one of the largest targets and market share in narcotics circulation controlled by national and international network. For that the government has taken a firm step in facing this modern warfare by executing drug dealers.

    Head of the National Narcotics Agency of West Java Province, Cecep Suherman explained at the beginning of his administration President Joko Widodo told the entire nation of Indonesia that Indonesia is in a drug emergency situation and declared a major war against all forms of narcotics crime

    As a clear proof of the presence of the state in protecting the nation's generation from the threat of narcotics, President Joko Widodo has executed the convicted death row of narcotics cases some time ago.

    One of them is Freddy Budiman Gembong Narcotics Snapper class in Indonesia are often involved cases of smuggling of narcotics from abroad even though is languishing in iron bars.

    "Although reaping controversy from foreign parties, as many as 15 convicts dead both foreigners and citizens of narcotics cases have been executed," said Cecep told reporters in Bandung, Thursday (28/12/2017)

    Cecep asserts, the abuse and illicit trafficking of narcotics is an extraordinary crime (extra ordinary crime) that threatens the world and can be used as one of the weapons in the proxy war to paralyze the power of the nation.

    "Therefore this crime must be eradicated and dealt with thoroughly or comprehensively," added Cecep.

    This assertive action encourages BNN as a State institution in charge of implementing the Government in the field of Prevention and Eradication of Narcotics Abuse and Distribution (P4GN), to be more aggressive in handling narcotics problem in Indonesia through Deman Reduction strategy that is by preventive action to give immunity to the community so that they immune against narcotics abuse.

    "BNN is also implementing Supply Reduction strategy through strict and measurable law enforcement to prevent narcotics syndicates," he concluded (MAT)

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