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    Eight Months Fixed, Cipamingkis Bridge Can Be Used Again


    BOGOR REGENCY - In April 2017 the Cipamingkis Bridge on the Cileungsi-Cibebet province road Km. Jkt. 70 + 800 plummeted. Eight months ago, precisely on Wednesday (27/12/17) the bridge was repaired and can be reused.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) inaugurated the reuse of the bridge at Cipamingkis Bridge, Jl. Jagaita, Sirnagalih, Jonggol, Kabupaten Bogor, Wednesday afternoon (27/12/2017) This repair spent Rp 11 billion, with details of Rp 4 billion more coming from Central Government and Rp 7 billion for West Java Provincial Government budget.

    "The cost of repairing the bridge is very expensive, so the cost of construction is expensive, I want this expensive road bridge let us take care together," Aher told hundreds of residents who attended the inauguration ceremony.

    The West Java Provincial Government budget will actually be used to normalize the river body. But this budget is also not enough to improve the overall caveat. Finally, West Java Provincial Government also coordinate with the Central Government to cooperate to fund the repair of the bridge.

    Repair of this bridge is an improvement of the first phase of the three stages to be performed. The second stage will be the strengthening of the pole of one end of the bridge and the third stage will be normalized or improved river flow below the year depah. Aher also expressed the appreciation of the fast pace of all parties, especially the Office of Highways and Spatial Planning West Java has been able to complete the improvement of Cipamingkis Bridge.

    "But all the basic issues have been completed in 2017. We are very grateful that we do not imagine to be finished in 2017. But thanks to the awareness of friends (Dinas) Bina Marga (West Java) to coordinate with the Central Government and attention (Government) Center to this bridge, so it can be completed on the budget year is running, "said Aher.

    "Where the damage occurred in April 2017 and can be completed, it can be normal again passed by vehicles and can be passed by the public in December 2017. So, eight months later can be completed," he continued.

    Going forward, Aher also asked the awareness of all parties to take care of the bridge. Large vehicles bertonase more advised not to cross the bridge along the 60 meters. "Restrictions are there, but then if the restrictions are not adhered to the owners of the vast fortune it is useless. So, there must be awareness from all parties, from the public to maintain this bridge, "Aher hope.

    Improvement activities in this first phase include the strengthening of old bridge pillars and lower building (pillars and abutments), consisting of making bore and pile foundations, and making concrete portal ponds. While the top bridge building using steel frame type A-60 with span of 60 meters (grant from the Ministry of PUPR RI), the manufacture of new bridge concrete floor + pavement and hardening of asphalt.

    Cipamingkis Bridge was built in 1986. Type-I Pratress Type Prepressed Bridge has two pillars with Boring Basin (Bore Pile) type. On April 13, 2017, there was a decrease in Pilar-2 caused by the Cipamingkis River flood and resulted in the decline of the bridge floor in the 2nd and 3rd spans of approximately 4.15 meters. "Hence, for this bridge I ask that there is no pole in the middle of the bridge. Avoid the bridge pole in the middle of the river, because if it was hit by the flood can be damaged pole, "said Aher.

    According to the results of the geological investigation done by BBWS Citarum, the sediment aid in this area is carbonate rock which although quite hard, but very easy to react with water and air, so that can happen dissolution / weathering quickly.

    Actually in early 2013, began to collapse at checkdam located at the bottom of the bridge. Following the collapse of the checks, the degradation of the river surface is rapid and directly affect the foundation of the bridge pillar. The frequent occurrence of banjir bandang indicates the existence of damage in the upper river area. And in 2016 the decrease in river bottom surface around the bridge has reached more than 4 m.

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