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    Bawaslu: The problem of CSA Neutrality is in the Highest Position


    BANDUNG-Based on the trend of two previous West Java regional elections in 2015 and 2017, spreading false news (hoaks), SARA issues or non-neutral civil state apparatus (ASN) still haunts the election of regional heads in West Java 2018.

    Commissioner of the Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) Jabar Yusuf Kurnia said, ASN neutrality problem is in the highest position. There are a number of cases that West Java dealt with violations committed by state apparatuses.

    "So, we continue to provide socialization to ASN, both in provinces and districts / cities, to realize their position to maintain neutrality, which we will convey to the same mode does not happen again," said Yusuf in Bandung, Thursday (28/12 / 2017)

    Yusuf appreciates the existence of integrity pact made by the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java for the ASN at various levels maintained its neutrality during the election. However, he revealed, violations often occur at the district / city level.

    "From the two waves of election that have been going on, there is a case of a village chief asking residents to vote for a particular candidate." This should not happen, "Yusuf said.

    Based on the Election Law article 70 paragraph 1 letter a, states in the campaign of forbidden to involve state-owned companies BUMN / BUMD, ASN, members Kapori, TNI head villages, village chiefs, village devices and village devices. If intentionally involving him then threatened with imprisonment and fine.

    According to Yusuf, ASN officials also should not make decisions or actions that benefit / harming the candidate pairs include in it is campaigning for certain candidate pairs

    He pointed out Bawaslu Jabar found a case in Cimahi area where police officers engaged in campaigning for certain candidate pairs.

    "Yes, if you get caught, it will be subject to sanctions from mild to severe." Regional head candidates will be punished, as disqualified, "he concluded (MAT)

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