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    Wary of Zika Virus Dissemination


    BANDUNG - Bandung Regent H. Pery Soeparman, SH., MM., MSi invited all citizens to be wary of the spreading Zika virus. These virus is easy to breed in tropical areas like Indonesia.

    Zika virus quickly spread through the bite of Aedes Aegypti mosquito that was currently engulfing in Brazil.

    “I urge the Head of Health Department and district chiefs in Bandung district to immediately carry out monitoring to various corners to prevent the spread of virus," said H. Pery Soeparman in his statement, Monday (1/2).

    Zika virus dissemination in Brazil invaded most pregnant woman. Pregnant woman who attacked by this virus, could impacted on their children which born with head/brain diminution and can not develop properly. 

    "Unfortunately a vaccine to overcome this virus has not been found. The most important now is to prevent the spread of the Aedes aegypti mosquito by cleaning our environment or certain places where it can be nested there,” said H. Pery Soeparman.

    Another thing that needs to be wary by the district or village chief, including the case of selling and purchase kidneys organs. "I read in the newspapers that mentioned with Rp 75 million person could sell a portion of his kidneys," said H. Pery Soeparman.

    He understand people who desperate to sell their kidneys because of being pressured by economic necessity. But according to him, there are other ways that can be taken to address these needs without against the law.

    Following the issuance of Government Regulation (PP) No. 103/2015 on dwelling house ownership or occupancy by foreigners domiciled in Indonesia. H. Pery Soeparman asked camat (district chief) to conduct monitoring in their respective regions.

    With the regulation publication, foreigners will now be easier to have a residential house in Indonesia in the long term. “The using-right can reach 80 years, with first using for 30 years, and it could be extended for 20 years, then could be more extended to 30 years,” said H. Pery Soeparman.

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