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    Rona Nusantara Program Visit Remote Village in Cianjur


    CIANJUR-Rona Nusantara Program initiated Rumah Zakat in cooperation with Wonderful Indonesia visited isolated village in Cianjur regency. Currently, the program has entered the 8th generation located in Kampung Panyindangan, Kec. Cidaun, Kab. Cianjur, West Java.

    The location was chosen because Panyindangan Village is one of the isolated areas because the Cidaun River Bridge is not feasible and almost collapsed. Every day, residents or children who will go to school must pass the raft to cross the river.

    The first day of Rona Nusantara activity, the participants were invited to take action of Educational Activity in SDN Panyindangan. About 70 students attended the science creativity class by experimenting in the form of balloons that can be enlarged in a scientific way. After that, the students are invited to outbound in the school yard, they look enthusiastic to follow the activity.

    The activity continued by visiting Panyindangan Elementary School, the participants of Rona Nusantara held a Social Action action in the form of Healthy Alert for the residents and distribution of hundreds of children reading books for making Reading Corner at Madrasah Riyadhus Sholihin. In addition, residents around Kampung Panyindangan can get free health access in the form of blood checks.

    After doing the action of sharing (sharing) in Kampung Panyindangan, Cianjur regency, on the second day the participants of Rona Nusantara invited to travel to the beach Santolo. The event which was held on 22-24 December was attended by 10 participants from various regions.

    "Alhamdulillah I am happy to follow this activity, much experience. We also so have experience cross river raft, because the bridge already not feasible, "said Aditya Parama (23), Assistant Academic ITB. (Even)

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