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    Cinderuh Belt Line, Loji-Puncak Darma Mulus Street


    SUKABUMI REGENCY-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) reviewed the Loji-Puncak Darma road in Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhan Ratu area, Sukabumi Regency, Tuesday (26/12/17). The new road called Aher part of the Ciletuh-Palabuhan Ratu Geopark Belt is in seamless condition.

    This 23km-long road connects Loji with Puncak Darma. Aher said the road construction is the first stage of the three stages for the three-lane road to Puncak Darma.

    "Alhamdulillah, we can enjoy the new way, from Loji to Puncak Darma.This is the first stage we want to build from Puncak Darma through Palangpang to Ujung Genteng," Aher said on the sidelines of the review at Cisaar Bridge, Loji, Palabuhan Ratu .

    The Peak-Peak Darma Path has complete natural beauty. If from the direction of Loji, we can enjoy the beauty of the coastal ocean on the right. While on the left there is a view of the forest and green hills.

    "This further strengthens the area as a tourist area and becomes the most core part of Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhan Ratu, the area passed by the road that runs from Loji to Puncak Darma and then to Palangpang and then we continue to trace up to Ujung Genteng," said Aher who was accompanied by Head of Highways and Spatial Planning of West Java M Guntoro, Head of Department of Transportation West Java Dedi Taufik, and Head of Department of Fisheries and Maritime West Java Djafar Ismail.

    "Well, if that (everything) is finished, then the Geopark Belt is visible, so the Geopark Belt stretches from Cibareno through the direction of Palabuhan Ratu then enters Loji then to the forest area up to Puncak Darma down to Palangpang until it continues along the coast down to Ujung Genteng, that is BelukGeopark Ciletuh-Palabuhan Ratu, "he explained.

    According to Aher, the construction of this road is history. Because there is cooperation between the West Java Provincial Government with the community. This road is built without the process of land acquisition, because the community grants land for road construction that swallow budget of West Java Provincial Budget up to Rp 200 Billion.

    "It is also a good history, cooperation between the Provincial Government (West Java) with the community, because the road is built quickly from the start of land management until the development can be done one year," said Aher.

    "And the uniqueness of the whole land is nothing to buy from the grant community, because the people want to have a road here so that their land (community) will be open and recreation can also be enjoyed well," he added.

    Splendid geopark scenery can be enjoyed up close and up hill, like Puncak Darma. Previously, people had to travel the sea by using fast boats to enjoy the beauty of this geopark or earth park.

    "Of course in the future it looks like there can be a small dock by the beach where visitors can come down and enjoy the beach by boat and the development will be so," Aher said.

    Work on the road to Puncak Darma can be through three paths, namely Palembang-Puncak Darma, Loji-Puncak Darma, and Paltiga-Puncak Darma. The plan of Paltiga-Puncak Darma route along approximately 17 km will begin construction next year.

    Aher added Loji-Palangpang-Edge Tile will be used as a tourist area. Not a common area, so large buses and trucks may not enter or use the road. This is done to revive the region's economy and road maintenance.

    "So, if there is a group of tourists who use the bus, we will provide the bus terminal, then they (tourists) can enjoy (road and geopark beauty) with small vehicles or tourist vehicles so that economic life and the same way not quickly broken, "said Aher.

    "Plus the second, we want to keep it clean, if the vehicle here specifically for the cleanliness of the tour can be guaranteed well, besides certainly the provision of waste places and also the control," he added.

    Through this Geopark Belt society can enjoy the overall geopark keindangan. In addition, they can also choose certain spots, such as Puncak Darma to capture the tourist visit to Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhan Ratu.

    "The beauty of our stay well-groomed forward, will surpass the beauty of the European region, there will be Gantole tours or diamond club coffee, or the best food from West Java, such as the best liwet rice, then the fish is Sidat or Grouper is best, then the best red rice, the best coffee, and the price of diamond.For high-class travelers and of course for regular pelacong also exist, "said Aher.

    "Such things should we think about in the future, so that this area can be a future tourism area, if Bali is the present," he said. "Origin is well laid out, we coordinate with the community so that the public understands The presence of this geopark area is not to miserable but to open up a more prosperous and righteous opportunity, in a way that is akran with nature, does not destroy nature, "he concluded

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