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    Aher Watches the Christmas Eve


    BANDUNG-The eve of Christmas, the condition of several churches in Bandung observed safe and orderly. Christians can calmly worship the Christmas mass of 2017.

    It was observed when West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan accompanied by West Java Police Chief and Commander III Siliwangi pantaun night christmas in 3 churches in Bandung namely Cathedral Church Jl. Merdeka, GKI Jl. Maulana Yusuf and the Catholic Church Jl. Pandu Bandung.

    "Alhamdulillah everything is safe and orderly and no one is worried, so our Christian sisters can perform their worship with solemnity and calm," Aher said, Sunday night (24/12).

    According to Aher the conducive situation can be done because of hard work of the Government, TNI, Polri and the community itself.
    "Of course because we want our area safe, conducive, then this is what we feel, safe order" he said.

    On the occasion of monitoring the three churches, the Governor of Aher had also said goodbye to Christian religious leaders such as Bishop Bandung Mgr. Antonius Subianto Bunjamin in the Cathedral Church.

    "This is the last time I monitor Christmas Eve as Governor, because next year I'm done" he said, greeted respectfully from the Bishop and his staff.

    Both then seemed to embrace each other with thanks repeatedly from Bishop of Bandung it. (Even)

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