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    Jabar Lautan Kopi 2017, World Record Brewing Coffee Break


    BANDUNG-At the festival of Jabar Lautan Kopi 2017 organized by West Java Province, there has been a world record breaking by Record Holders Republic (RHR) that is brewing cofee or brewing arabica java preanger coffee simultaneously by 1000 baristas within 30 seconds.

    The certificate of the world record was given to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) as creator, from Vice President of RHR, Lia Mutiasari. RHR itself is headquartered in the United States.

    In the record breaking, Aher mixed arabica java preanger coffee with 503 baristas from Aceh, Riau, South Sulawesi, East Java, Java, 607 amateurs, West Java Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar, Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan and heads of FKPD Jabar and 10 Mojang coffee representing 10 best coffee producing mountain in West Java.

    Governor Aher expressed enthusiasm in the Jabar Lautan This coffee is very large. Proven barista who signed up to participate in brewing coffee together there are actually 4000 more people.

    "We imagine only hundreds of baristas who list but unexpectedly there are 4000 who register but for a matter we only receive a thousand," said Aher, in the yard Gedung Sate Bandung, Saturday (23/12/2017).

    On that occasion, Aher distributed 5 million coffee seedlings to the community and coffee farmers to increase coffee production.

    "With 5 million seeds of coffee is hopefully going forward will be approximately 2500 hectares of coffee trees if one hectare is equivalent to 2 thousand trees," he said.

    In addition, in the coffee festival that presents dozens of coffee booth from various regions in addition to the launching of coffee seedlings are also submitted indigofera seeds as much as 200 thousand trees, inauguration Community Protection Geographical Indication (MPIG) java preanger coffee and the introduction of three new coffee varieties of yellow coffee, certified green chocolate and coffee shoots, as well as the delivery of Road to Java and Parahyangan Tea coffee books.

    Along with the increasing demand of arabica java preanger coffee lately, West Java Provincial Government should pay high attention to the provision of superior seeds and coaching on coffee farmers. Through one of the series of events in this coffee festival is a coffee seminar, coffee lovers are expected to share experiences of managing coffee in their respective regions.
    At the upstream level, the farmers, managing the trading places including managing downstream at the cafes including sharing experiences to be brewers.

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