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    West Java Provincial Government Grants 100 Vehicles to West Java Regional Police


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government grants 100 units of two-wheeled operational vehicles to the West Java Regional Police. This is to support Polantas in the smooth operation of candles ahead of Christmas and new year 2018.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) handed over the grant symbolically to West Java Police Chief Inspector General of Police Budi Maryoto, in Gedung Pakuan Bandung, Saturday (23/22/2017).

    "The addition of this fleet to operations related to the smoothness of Christmas and the new year of candle operation 2017, in general is certainly for Then," said Governor Aher.

    Aher added, for the year 2018 it will again grant the operational vehicle as much as 1200 units. Of that number, West Java Police received 500 units of grants, Kodam III / Siliwangi 500 units, 100 units of Polda Metro Jaya and 100 units of Kodam Jaya.

    "In 2018 there will be more assistance for West Java Regional Police and Regional Military Command Siliwangi III as well as including Polda Metro Jaya and Kodam Jaya, the total number of 1200 vehicles," he said.

    Aher guarantees that in celebration of Christmas and New Year this will run smoothly in all area in West Java as smoothness in previous years.

    "We will vigorously guarantee the security of the community to celebrate Christmas and New Year, it is our guarantee, the Police, the Commander and the whole, let's keep it together because Jabar has always been safe," Aher said.

    West Java Police Chief Inspector General of Pol Agung Budi said the grant will increase the spirit of its members in the field in the smooth traffic and public security.

    "The grant from the West Java provincial government certainly adds our passion to serve and protect the community," said Kapolda.

    Furthermore, all these grant vehicles will be distributed to all Polres in jurisdiction of West Java Police. Regarding the number of units, according to Agung, depends on the level of vulnerability in the area.

    "These vehicles will be distributed to the Polres, all the Polres can only depend on the vulnerability," he said.

    Especially for the city of Bandung, the number will be more than other areas. Great rate, Bandung is the most vulnerable areas and high levels of congestion.

    "Especially in the city of Bandung is not just a holiday but the day biasapun stuck, then with the addition of operational vehicles to add members to be placed in the points prone to jam," he concluded.

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