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    General Elections Commission Mentions Fulfillment of Non-Physical Accessibility Still Constrained


    BANDUNG-The General Elections Commission (KPU) of West Java Province notes that non-physical accessibility must be striven for PwDs to exercise their suffrage right. Although physical accessibility has been improved, the fulfillment of non-physical accessibility is still constrained by many things.

    Similarly stated Chairman of West Java KPU Yayat Hidayat when delivering material at the event socialization pilgub for big family Persatuan Tunanetra Indonesia (Pertuni) West Java in Bandung, Saturday (23/12/2017)

    Yayat assess on pilgub 2013 ago, KPU effort still not maximal. But for the year 2018 is expected to meet the accessibility for all parties.

    "Including non-physical accessibility, such as access to election information and encouraging a more open community culture if having family members with disabilities," Yayat said.

    This optimism is realized with the creation of brochures and tamplet tools to vote in the voting booth, and is committed to providing the widest possible information in a way that is easy for anyone.

    "This challenge must be solved jointly between election observers and the public, including with people with blind disabilities," Yayat said.

    Therefore, it is necessary to raise awareness of election organizers from provincial level to KPPS and to increase the sensitivity of election participants to provide a polling station friendly for people with disabilities.

    This is considered important because election organizers are also constrained by the data of people with disabilities that are less accurate. However, West Java KPU seeks to map TPS to serve people with disabilities, in accordance with criteria such as for the blind, disabled and deaf. In addition, it will create a TPS that does not complicate the person with disability.

    "But more important than that is that people with disability can be detected PPDP," said Yayat.

    Meanwhile, West Java Commissioner Division of Human Resources and Hupmas confirmed that the West Java Commission provides templet, pocket book, and braille lettered leaflet.

    "We will also encourage every TPS friendly to people with disabilities," he concluded (MAT)

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